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Jimmy Young Dies

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Bertrum | 20:50 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | News
135 Answers
Orft we jolly well go
Rest in peace Jimmy


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My sense of proportion would stop me from bad mouthing someone on a thread like this on the day they died.

I am sure you are aware of the saying if you cannot say anything nice, say nothing at all.

It was as you said yourself, not the time to carp.
from mamyalynne's link, //suckers for semantics.//

That about sums up those who argue the difference.
Not the only link out there, there is a distinction.

Re the actual premise of seeing an RIP for any type of killer/murderer, I'd avoid it.
Naomi - you are the one person on here who bangs on about your education and study levels, and how I for one should be keen to embrace your knowledge rather than bask in my ignorance.

On that basis - what's wrong with me educating RandyMarsh about the difference between a mass murderer and a serial killer?

If you can 'educate' people, so can I!
Mamyalynne, yes, I know there's a distinction - just not one worthy of mention in this instance.
andy-hughes, see above.
RandyMarsh - //I am sure you are aware of the saying if you cannot say anything nice, say nothing at all. //

That's going to quieten down some regular posters on here considerably!
Not worthy, I see.
Mamyalynne - thank you for your link, which educates all of us - it's a shame that some people feel they have a monopoly on knowing more about anything that the rest of us.
Jolly good.
andy-hughes, you sound everso petulant. Just saying. ;o)

This thread really has hit a new low for a RIP thread'
Well out of order imo!
Naomi - //Mamyalynne, yes, I know there's a distinction ... //

Good for you! Education is a wonderful thing - and now Randymarsh has enjoyed a little of it too.

Don't be keen to deny others knowing what you know - you never usually are!!

OK - this is turning into the sort of sniping match that gets the last twenty answers removed, so I for one am stepping off the merry-go-round - but I fully expect others to stay on until the ride is finished.
andy-hughes, //Education is a wonderful thing //

I agree.
Thanks Mamya, I found *that* very interesting.

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Jimmy Young Dies

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