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Jimmy Young Dies

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Bertrum | 20:50 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | News
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Orft we jolly well go
Rest in peace Jimmy


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JY in his singing days:
RIP Jimmy Young x
RIP what's the recipe today Jim? I'll be honest I thought he died long ago.
Oh no!? I remember listening to him in the Light Programme when I was little, and laid up in bed with, tonsillitis. How sad. RIP.
eat your hearts our, Robson and Jerome
I must be honest as well, as I thought he had passed away years old friend.
I remember him from donkeys years ago...he must have been mid 90s. Hope he has left a recipe for today.... Good to see Gareth and Norman ..I was at college with them!!
RIP Sir Jimmy.
RIP JY - or should that be TTFN?
Always had him on the radio. Lovely man. I used to like the banter between himself and Terry Wogan. RIP Jimmy.
Really missed his radio show, especially his recipe for the day. RIP Jimmy, you brought pleasure to thousands.
R.I.P Jimmy Young.My last remaining Auntie died last week also aged 95yrs old so if he is playing his records up there, I'm sure she'll be dancing along to them.xx
I am possibly the only ABer who knew him well. He took me out once for dinner. He liked me but he was too old for me. And he had girlfriend Alicia who he later married. RIP JY.
Sad to see a broadcasting legend pass away.

He was notable for the time when a number of the great and good were asked to comment on an interview with Margaret Thatcher, and many did, even though she had not appeared on the day in question!

My uncle worked in BBC Radio and said that Sir Jimmy lived on his nerves, perpetually terrified of being replaced, and of course, he eventually was, leaving with what some would say was bad grace in his final comments on air. Sir Jimmy rudely refused to acknowledge his replacement Jeremy Vine at any time he was in the building, until he left the BBC altogether.

My memory of his radio show was how, towards the end of it, he slid into a pattern of speech unheard of in any other human being speaking any language, his whoops and drops and coded language becoming increasingly barmy as time went on.

That particular mantle was passed on to Terry Wogan who extended it further still as he entered his last years, and how it seems to have passed to Lisa Tarbuck who is also inventing vocal pyrotechnics unheard of outside the dressing room of an actor warming up to play King Lear.

But still, not a time to carp, he was loved and will be missed by millions.

R.I.P. Sir Jimmy.
'Renaldo' said each morning, 'What's the recipe today, Jim?' Which I still often say to my dear wife.
In the late 60s I never missed the JY Prog if I was off work. I liked Raymondo with his squeaky voice. He was a good singer too, rather like a British version of Frankie Lane. He reminds me of happy, carefree days. R.I.P.
Was it Renaldo or Raymondo? Memory is slipping.
I'M not one for commenting on deaths, adding RIP and all that nonsense, but for JY I will make an exception.
I met the love of my life (no, not Mrs sqad) at a a dance at the Peterborough Town Hall and i was smitten immediately. I asked her to dance and it was to "Too Young" as posted above. She was tall, a lovely body and that touch of "haughtiness" that i like in women.

Yes, those memories supplied by Jimmy Young remain with me.
another legend passes..RIP

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Jimmy Young Dies

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