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It can't.
Should I (or anyone else) negotiate a personal deal with a service provider, car manufacturer, government, or anyone/anything with the aim of achieving something never heard of or ever envisaged ? The answer is "go and try it, best of luck", but in reality my chances of the slightest success there are infinitesimally slim to nil. That is if I assume myself to be worthy of the time of day from such entities - I do not possess the optimism/confidence/arrogance but, admittedly, some do. Some proceed through life assuming they can tell others what to expect and accept and become quite uppity when they get nowhere with such an attitude - those who want to be more equal than the rest (its also called elitism) are like that.
Can't see it happening but possibly some London MP's will be spurred to vote as their constituents want and oppose 'Brexit'
Of course, what Mr Khan is missing, as most remoaners do now belief their own scaremongereing, is that no one has ever said there will be no more immigration, just it will be controlled.

London cannot negotiate anything that goes against the law of the UK, Mr Khan needs to remember that, it will no longer be his mates in the EU.
Should London negotiate a separate deal with the EU? No. Why should it?

"London cannot negotiate anything that goes against the law of the UK,.."

Which is exactly what some factions in Scotland are proposing. Utter nonsense.
Utter balderdash. Just goes to show how little understanding the Mayor has of the situation. London is not a separate entity within the UK. Just another load of old pony from the SGB.
Absolute tosh
I agree it is a hopeless case , but I think the reason behind it is to point out that London voted to 'Remain' and to convince a few London Mp's to vote against implementing A50. Khan is not so daft as to actually think London can stay in the EU without the rest of the UK, he is making a point.
A few English and Welsh MP's joining the SNP in opposing the implementation of A50 could well delay it for a few years or even overturn it.
Oh I see, so he is hoping to override the democratic will of the country.

Why am I not surprised from a man like him. He must be your idol Eddie
Alongside Scotland and London, Mr and Mrs Bloggs next door to me also voted to remain and are hoping to negotiate their own separate deal with the EU on that basis.
ludwig, please don't give Eddie any ideas.
gawd help us, we can all find geographical areas that voted a certain way, so bleeding what, UK as a whole voted out end of!
Perhaps they can get a discount on imported sour grapes!
What a bloody pillock.
As bad as Jimmy krankie this...

Individuals voted, not countries, not cities, not areas, and more individuals voted to go rather than stay. End of.
London is not a separate country. Only an utter moron would suggest it should negotiate what in effect would be it's own membership of the EU. Any official that suggests it has indicated an inability to think rationally and should resign immediately.
There is shade of opinion which feels that London is once more 'The Great Wen' and would like it isolated from the rest of the country. Actually, I hear that opinion a lot!
^^ It is, of course impossible for London to negotiate separately - it's just a city.
Well, it is spot the indigenous Brit in London these days. Londonistan in some parts.

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Should London Negotiate A Separate Deal With The Eu?

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