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Just-Jude | 16:44 Thu 01st Dec 2016 | News
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Germany will use helicopter gunships over Cologne in a bid to prevent the mass rapes and sexual assaults that occurred there last New Year. Is this too little, too late?


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I think "gunships" is a bit of an exaggeration, JJ. What do you expect them to do? Open fire on any gangs?
There is no mention of 'gunships' in the newspaper article, so the prospect of crowds of people being indiscriminately shot seems rather remote. The helicopters will, presumably, be used for rapid deployment of security forces.
Makes sense to increase security with the knowledge of what happened last year.
Question Author
My biggest worry is that the migrants will bring their hand-held rocket launchers.
I love the smell of Nazim in the morning.
//My biggest worry is that the migrants will bring their hand-held rocket launchers. //

not sure there are that many ex-UN white pick-ups in Cologne....
At least the AB News section gives the swivel-eyed loonies something to do when they are sitting in their mum's basements.
it's not too late, there's still a month to go. They should be able to programme face recognition into their gunships, like my camera has.
Helicopter gunships ??? Where did you get that from !!
It is just the normal police helicopters with video cameras , same as in the UK except that the German police have side arms as standard.
It's Cologne not 1966 Vietnam !!
Well hands on rocket launchers won't be able to get up to any other mischief ;-)
I can't see any reference to "gunships" in your link JJ ?

I think you have been watching too many violent films !
Cull-ogne more like!
Well they need to do something. I see the left on here have chosentonit pick on 'gunships' rather than admit the problem that does exist. No surprise then there EU blinkers and rose tinted specs all round is it chaps?
YMB....we can only post on what JJ had said, and the use of the phrase "gunships" was totally wrong and daft.
When challenged, a wild-eyed youth in the throes of a sexual emergency said he took his cues from the president elect of the great Satan.
He then went about his business propping up society as an engineer while his older brother was enrolled in the local primary school. have lost me altogether now !
I think he is trying to have a pop at The Donald.
Helicopter gun ships are "too little"? lol!
they can do it with little drone ones now,
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