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Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic about 2017?

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AB Editor | 18:00 Wed 04th Jan 2017 | News
83 Answers

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  • 2017 Will Be Better - 116 votes
  • 66%
  • 2017 Will Be Worse - 59 votes
  • 34%

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with brexit and a wonderful new POTUS what's to be pessimistic about? I have high hopes for the new year.
Better or worse for who?
donald loves us all 237SJ
I think Donald could be a bit of a nutcase who could start world war 3 but then again, he might surprise us all so I will wait and see.
Eddie, //There are NO road rules or road law in Saudi //

Yes there are. Pass the salt.
If it wasn't for the Trump factor I might have voted A, but he fills me with such fear for the future. He will abandon all anti pollution measures, snuggle up to war criminals like Putin, at the same time as seriously pissing off North Korea.

He will make racism OK again, and the rest of the world will be very nervous about dong any deals with him, due to his innate instability.
He will make racism OK again,

What a coincidence.
After reading through the thread, and noting who is being pessimistic, I am filled with optimism.
Indifferent, as ever....
I am concerned about Trump being President, but I don't think he'll last long.

I'm concerned about Brexit, but not much seems to be happening.

Overall, I'm not optimistic or pessimistic, just 'let's deal with things as they happen'.
Driving in Saudi is terrible, as I said there are NO rules. I saw the sort of crashes that in the UK you would only see once or twice in a lifetime EVERY day!! There is no driving test, a Saudi will buy his son an American sports car like a 'Transam' for his 17th birthday and he can just drive off in it. You just have to apply for a driving licence and as long as you are 17 and male it is automatic that you get it! No test & no insurance needed!
The population of Saudi Arab's is actually decreasing due to so many young men being killed on the roads!
^ sorry wrong thread again! my computer seems to have a mind of it's own! text jumps all over the place!
It's just another collection of days, weeks and months
There is nothing much new under the sun. Trump will *** it up, May will *** it up, but I will continue to enjoy myself :-)
Think 2017 will see Boris shoot himself in the foot, and he will lose his present Job. or even thrown out of the cabinet
Question Author
I don't know about Boris, he transformed quite nicely from jolly bumbler to mayor - why not another transition to hard-nosed hawk?
Is every ones glass half full or half empty?

Dumb question!

Or does Ab Editor wish to balance out pessimism and optimism here?
It'll be whatever it is. But I'll be even older so that's not a good omen.
One day at a time Old Geezer, the grim reaper awaits.
Funny you should say that. Been thinking of changing my avatar to that :-)

21 to 40 of 83rss feed

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Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic about 2017?

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