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Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic about 2017?

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AB Editor | 18:00 Wed 04th Jan 2017 | News
83 Answers

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  • 2017 Will Be Better - 116 votes
  • 66%
  • 2017 Will Be Worse - 59 votes
  • 34%

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Small though the poll is, it's good to see optimism in the lead overall.
Optimistic about the future but Pessimistic about the result
naomi As I said there are NO road or driving laws in Saudi Arabia!
I lived there for 3 years and had a Saudi Driving licence ( no test needed you just apply and they send it to you)
I had to attend a 10 session company advanced driving course before I was allowed to drive company vehicles, the lack of any road law was repeatedly stressed to us. The company had several Saudi's who were employed as advisors, their job was to act on our behalf if we got involved in any traffic incidents or accidents. We had instructions to immediately phone them for help if we ever got involved in any incidents. Luckily as I said, I drove 250,000 Km with no incidents.
Sharia law is the ONLY law in Saudi and it does not mention motor vehicles as they were not around 600 years ago when Muhammad wrote down the law as dictated by Allah!
At least 2017 will be more predictable. 2016 was such a rotter because everything came as a bit of a surprise. This year we know that Trump will be president and make a pig's ear of it; we know that May will trigger Brexit and make a pig's ear of it; we know that French and German national elections will see swings to the (far) right, and they'll probably make a pig's ear of things too.

Personally it's looking up, at least.
jim, still got that little black raincloud hovering permanently above your head then?
Still away with the fairies then, Naomi?

I don't believe in fairies, Jim. Never have. :o)
I can never be quite sure. I'm either a pessimistic optimist, or an optimistic pessimist.
waterboatman, haha! I like that. :o)
Well, seeing as we were making personal jabs I thought I'd get into the spirit of things... :P

But seriously. I found 2016 a rough year politically, and why not? Most of the things I did not want to happen ended up actually happening -- it's only this year that we will see the consequences of those decisions, and it stands to reason that I didn't want them to happen because I didn't think I would enjoy those consequences. We'll find out if I was right in that or not. But it isn't a "little black raincloud" or anything like that. I'm naturally a pessimistic person, for sure -- always have been. So what? Why should I be optimistic about anything Trump says or does or will do? He's in power now (well, will be in nine days), and I'm resigned to that, but I am hardly optimistic about it. Anyone who is is a gullible fool.

Personally it's looking up, although I know that I'll have a difficult year ahead in other ways too. That black little raincloud, though? That's a figment of your imagination.
Jim, of course it’s a figment of my imagination. That’s how I imagine pessimists. I see no point in being miserable about things beyond my control. People who do that just make themselves gloomy. Positive thinking is far more cheerful. Onwards! :o)
No argument with you there, but I prefer realism to mindless optimism is all.
What on Earth does mindless optimism even mean?
I guess that's what dictionaries are useful for.
My somebody is having a bad day.

I know what mindless means and I know wha optimist means but when someone puts the two together it could mean one thing to them and another to someone else.

Are you saying all optimists are mindless?
Talbot, seems he is.
If I were an advanced physicist I would have much better things to do with my time than post endless and prolix statements on here.
I'll spend my time how I like, JD.

I am clearly not saying that, Naomi, or else it would be a tautology and I would hardly need to add "mindless" as an extra qualifying adjective.

Actually Talbot, not a bad day, I was just amused that you were asking the question in the first place.
Oh dear. Best leave you to it, Jim.
Perhaps it's for the best, Naomi.

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Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic about 2017?

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