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Oh Dear. Those Pesky Romanians

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cassa333 | 11:37 Fri 03rd Mar 2017 | News
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Perhaps someone should set up a crowd funding page for him?

Or perhaps the police should try a bit harder to find them. With that many they shouldn't be too hard to find surely??


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I suppose there's some way he knew they were Romanians. The BBC doesn't say. El Pais only says they were eastern Europeans.
//The Romanian diners, who had paid a deposit of 900 euros ($950; £770), left the El Carmen restaurant in Bembibre as dessert was due to be served, Antonio Rodriguez said.//

From the BBC link
thank you, I read the link. But how did (a) the BBC and (b) Mr Rodriguez know?
Oh well, next time a bigger deposit then!
He said it was time for Turron and they misunderstood him.
That is some coordination.
Did you hear about the Irish men who went to a Chinese restaurant?
They paid for the meal and tried to sneak out without eating it!
Racists ^

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Oh Dear. Those Pesky Romanians

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