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Again ;-)
It was always obvious to everyone except Chump that the same thing would happen again if he tried the to reimpose the ban without going through the proper legal process rather than just issuing another executive order.
He still can't learn the lesson that he is not the 'Boss' of the USA in the same way he is Boss of his own businesses.
I think he should be banned from travelling.
No one in their right mind would allow him on a plane without strong sedative medication.
How many EO has Trump signed so far ?
He's signed 17:

Perhaps if the president didn't keep trying to do illegal things, his work wouldn't keep getting challenged by judges....
He also needs removing from Twitter - what are his aids doing allowing him free usage of Twitter?
He is never going to learn, is he ?
Just a coincidence that Barry paid Hawaii a surprise visit 48 hours before this decision. (taps nose)
Yeah, it's not like he's from there or anything.

Was he responsible for the first one too?
Are his lawyers looking it over and suggesting it will get through, each time ? He's been elected on a mandate and the system can't seem to deliver what was voted for. Very strange.
So it appears one judge (from a crime ridden state) can over ride the president? I can understand the Supreme Court but one judge, how is that democracy?

Nice lefty love in going on above I see.
^^ It's democracy because the order is illegal and unconstitutional.
The president can't just issue any order he wants, he could not issue an order saying that women can no longer vote or hold a job for example as it would be illegal. Similarly he can't just issue an order banning people from traveling to the USA based only on where they live.
But didnt Barrie do it? I dont recall all the luvview liberals up in arms about that?

And on the legal thing, have you seen his reasoning? As I say something that stops a President surely should be a panel of Judges not one?
Do you honestly think, eddie, that you know more about the US constitution than the US government.
Was 'Barrie' so vocal about his every move?
No, he wasnt. But is that correct?

One thing you cant accuse The Donald of is hiding and sneaking things in. Surely that is preferable to what many of the Establishment Politicians do?
Obama is no longer President, trump making the decisions now ( or not ,in his case).
Who is Barrie?

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Trump Travel Ban Blocked

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