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Election Polls

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mikey4444 | 09:11 Sun 28th May 2017 | News
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I know that polls are now expected to be wrong, and I am certainly not predicting anything dramatic, at this stage in the proceedings. I still expect the Tories to win on June 8th.

But all the Polls are looking very interesting. It appears that the earlier Tory surge has ground to a halt, and they are even going backward, whereas Labour is looking stronger every day.

I think its still too late for Labour to win, but its interesting to see that the re-launch of the Tory Manifesto was cancelled a couple of days ago, with David Davies appearing on Any Questions instead. Some Pollsters are saying that rather than Mrs May having a larger, more secure majority, that majority may very well shrink.

We live in interesting times !


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If May were to lose this election, and it's a very big IF, she would go down in history as the woman who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and would be reviled for ever more. It would be her Heath 'moment'.
Murdo; As there appears to be zero votes from any Conservatives perhaps they are too intelligent to participate. Is the site a scam, or are all 20,000 (claimed) Momentum members voting four times?
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Rudd being interviewed on Radio 4 now !
Even if Mrs May gets a bigger majority, her own position within the party could be weakened if that majority is not seen as big enough. Let's face it she should have walked it, but she might not.
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Garaman....Strong and Stable ?......I think she has cocked up big time, or why else would she be considering re-launching her Manifesto, with only a few days to go ?

She should have seen this one attacks Pensioners in the run up to an Election, or at any other time if it comes to it.
//no one attacks Pensioners in the run up to an Election, or at any other time if it comes to it.//

That may be true, but intellectually she was right; Why should wealthy pensioners get a fuel allowance paid for in taxes by the poor, and why should owners of valuable property not use that to help finance their care?
I agree, Khandro, but perhaps not the time to announce it if the aim is get the biggest majority in order to ease the Brexit process.
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Khandro....I don't, in principle, have much of a problem with the payment of the Winter Fuel Allowance, other than that if you make the claiming of it too complicated, the take-up goes down, amongst the very people that its designed to help.

I was thinking more about the ditching of the triple link. This is not some "Leftie" cause, as it was brought in by the Tories in the first place.

As Garaman has pointed out, it shows that Mrs May, and whoever backed her on this change, has all the subtlety of a elephant with hob-nailed boots on. I can't think of anything else that is the cause of the Tories current downward spiral in the Polls.

She has even refused to accept that the current situation is a U-Turn, when it quite plainly is. She really hasn't handled this very well, has she ?
No, she hasn't handled it well mikey.
"We live in interesting times !"

If you believe the threat (however remote) of a Labour government at this time is "interesting", Mikey, you are more easily amused than I am!
People keep saying the polls could be wrong and, of course, they have been. But what they seem to forget is that they have often been right and, when they have been 'wrong' it's often not by much.

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Election Polls

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