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Corbyn Will Be Pm In Six Months

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cassa333 | 11:00 Mon 26th Jun 2017 | News
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According to the Metro.

Sorry only a link to the eadlines

And scrapping Trident is a priority!!



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I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I don't think anyone should begrudge him the confidence, but it's out of his hands now.
Is he crossing the chamber to the Tories then?
And I assume we will be giving up on NATO as well?
1. Don't think he will. 2. Labour Party policy calls for the retention of Trident. 3. Agree that Party policy could change at autumn conference, but they're supposed to stand by their manifesto commitments and, if they changed the policy before an election, they might well lose votes. A majority of voters still support the so-called independent nuclear nuclear deterrent. 5. Be careful what you wish for.
Sorry, so good they named it twice...
Probably shouldn't bother shaking the dust off the Lenin cap or ironing the red flag just yet.
He still has to solve the Abbott problem and Metformin alone won't do that.
they should promise that all money saved by scrapping Trident will go to the NHS.
Whether his prediction comes true is altogether uncertain. However, his intention on Trident is eminently sensible but he is in any case too late to save the six billion so far wasted on two new aircraft carriers.
Trident is useless in the modern world!
We need to scrap it and build aircraft carriers instead. At the moment we have to 'borrow an aircraft carrier from France' if we need one!
He still has to solve the Abbott problem and Metformin alone won't do that.

I wonder what she has on him?
I wonder when he said it to Michael Eavis whether he asked him to report the conversation to the press as he would look a bit of a prat coming out with it himself.

Or whether Michael Eavis leaked it of his own accord ...
Look what happened to an over confident Neil KInnock.

It would indeed be a very sad day for the UK if it turned out to be true.

Would the last Sane Person to leave please turn out the lights?
How crazy can we get,what ever its going to cost its never going to cost as much as it would if we vote in give away Corbyn
If there was another GE this Thursday, then Labour may very well win.
Jeremy Corbyn has said he will be Prime Minister in six months, according to the founder of Glastonbury Festival.

Michael Eavis also said the Labour leader suggested he would scrap Britain's Trident nuclear defence "as soon as I can".

Somerset Live quoted Mr Eavis telling festival-goers at a Q and A what Mr Corbyn said to him backstage, before delivering a speech on the Pyramid Stage to rapturous applause.

He said Mr Corbyn told him he would be PM "in six months".

Haha bit off "(s)limelight" has turned him into one of the showbiz kids.
//scrapping Trident is a priority//

That's not what he said before the election. Quite the opposite.
What hope has JC got of being PM in 6 months, now that TM has the DUP on her side.

Perhaps the adulation of the faithful at Glastonbury went to his head... well, that or the sun.

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Corbyn Will Be Pm In Six Months

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