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Brexit Divorce Bill

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sunny-dave | 11:28 Fri 01st Sep 2017 | News
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There are (at least) three illogicalities in the EU's position on this :

1. There is nothing anywhere in the Treaty of Accession (or any of the follow-up revisions) that says that a member leaving will have to pay an exit fee.

2. If you say that (1) is somehow irrelevant because no-one ever expected any state to leave, then (by a logical extension of the UK paying its future commitments) Poland could leave tomorrow and ask for a €60 billion leaving present - does anyone believe that would be paid? I tend to think not.

3. It appears that it would actually be illegal (without new primary legislation) for our Government to pay anything at all to the EU towards 'future commitments and pensions' which would be incurred after we are no longer a member - that's not just UK law, it's EU law too.

Barnier and his pals are whistling in the dark - if a bunch of UK Government interns can deconstruct their "divorce bill" so effectively in less than a week, it has no chance of standing up to the harsh light of UK judicial inspection.

They actually need a Free Trade Deal just as much as we do (if not more) - the concept that there is a £60 billion 'facilitation fee' is a load of Fetid Dingos Kidneys and I hope that Mr Davis has had that translated into some fairly blunt French equivalent.


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load of old pony, the current budget goes up to 2019 and we'll pay up to then so I cannot see why they want any more from us. Anyway if they ever find an accountant bent enough to audit their accounts we may actually see some accurate figures for the whole twisted mess.
I am still of the opinion that just like any other club, if we wish to resign we walk away & owe precisely nowt.

These are all pictures of Human Brains. See if you can find one to denote a EU member.

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Brexit Divorce Bill

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