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In fairness to AOG - most of us were getting over our collective hangovers on New Year’s Day! ;-)

I wonder what happens during the investigations?

Will we be told?

We need to have transparency here. If any charity has been infiltrated such that funds are directed towards terrorist groups, then it should be treated as a serious criminal act, and the directors of the charity should be charged with aiding and abetting terrorist activities.
// We need to have transparency here. If any charity has been infiltrated s.....should be treated as a serious criminal act, and the directors of the charity should be changed drawn and quartered//

we dont need transparency - we need ...... a bit evidence

just saying it - as in "foooooo dat! dey all terroisten, he got funny name he does ! deport dem all! even better depart dem all, yeah !!" isnt enough for any civilised society

and yes if any of this could be proven, criminal charges should be brought.

Quite ppp, these are simply allegations so should be investigated. And then we see where we go from there.
While the headline is alarming, it is also a bit misleading.
Most of the so called links to terrorism are due to the rise in charitable aid to Syrian causes.
Muslims are obliged by their religion to give to charities to help their fellow muslims. So there have been a lot of aid going to Syria in convoys. Unfortunately this aid is prone to be stolen by the many terrorists in Syria, and if that happens then the charity is open to the charge that it has helped the terrorists.
There is also a lot hypocrisy going on. A recent conviction of a pair from a charity working in Syria, was because they had given £3000 to a relative who had joined al-Nursa to fight Assad.
But it is fairly well documented that the UK and US Governments were helping al-Nursa and other Anti Assad Rebels to the tune of hundreds of €millions.
A similar thing is occuring with aid for the Palestinians. Accusations, usually politically motived, link help for the Palestinians as help for Hamas.

So the image of UK charities giving money to suicide bombers and terrorists who then kill on British Streets is entirely wrong.
Take the case of Brotish Charity Interpal. It is a charity helping the Palestinians. It was accused by Mossad of helping Hamas and as a result the US blacklisted it.
This resulted in lurid headlines (such as the one headed this thread), in the Sunday Times. But the accusation was spurious and politicall motivated, and Interpal sued the Sunday Times. The Sunday Times was forced to retract the story and apologise.
That should have killed the story, but the Board of Deputies of British Jews repated the Mossad claim, and they too were sued and lost. Not to be outdone, the Sunday Express fell for the false Mossad story, and they had to pay substantial damages to Interpal.
Apologies for lots of typos above.
as a side note, trump mentioned stopping aid to pakistan, britain also sends aid to them, but pakistan let bin laden live their and not far from an army base, and how many others are they providing a haven for.
Thanks Fender,
UK muslim charities do indeed send aid to Pakistan, but there is no evidence that that is being used by terrorists. But the Pakistan Government undoubtedly has links to Taleban and al Qaeda terrorist. And the UK Government give £105 million of tax payers money to Pakistan, so there is that whiff of hypocrisy again.
i think pakistan has a lot of islamists within their government and isi secret service, perhaps the powers that be do not want a civil war, a lot of pakistans citizens are hard core religious wise, if that's the right word, who would control the armed forces and the nukes if civil war broke out, that is the problem.
The really mad Islamists, the wahabbis in wealthy Saudi Arabia, targeted poor Pakistan in the 1970s and 1980s and built schools to indocrinate the young in their extreme version of Islam. When Saudi Arabia sponsored the Taleban in Afghanistan a generation later, there were an army of willing recruits just over the border. Thos fighters are now well embedded within Pakistan’s military.
and meanwhile we do business with saudi arabia, money roor of all evil so it seems, governments made rods for their own backs, without a thought of it's citizens well being in the future, they must have known.
//The really mad Islamists, the wahabbis in wealthy Saudi Arabia, targeted poor Pakistan in the 1970s and 1980s and built schools to indocrinate the young in their extreme version of Islam.//

An interesting comment. Are you absolutely sure of your facts, Gromit, or are you just repeating something you heard?
Everything we all learn is something we have heard or read. So we need to be careful where wesorce our knowledge, and make sure it is reputable. The Saudi/Wahabbi/terrorism link is fairly well known and you can find many links to it by Googling.

Here is a link from the HuffPost which I accept as being fairly reputable (if you don’t like it, go find another one):

// The money goes to constructing and operating mosques and madrassas that preach radical Wahhabism. The money also goes to training imams; media outreach and publishing; distribution of Wahhabi textbooks, and endowments to universities and cultural centers. A cable released by Wikileaks explains, regarding just one region of Pakistan:

Government and non-governmental sources claimed that financial support estimated at nearly 100 million USD annually was making its way to Deobandi and Ahl-e-Hadith clerics in the region from “missionary” and “Islamic charitable” organizations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ostensibly with the direct support of those governments. //
Thanks for your links, Fender. No, I didn't disbelieve Gromit, only that he knew about it.

He won't accept the second link, by the way, even though coming from an otherwise impeccable source The Independent: the "expert", Dr. MacEoin, is a Gatestone contributor.
Fine, we're all agreed on the Saudi funding, then, Gromit.

Another question: What do you think are the implications of this funding for the UK?

Incidentally, I note from your last post that 'Government and non-governmental sources claimed that financial support ... was making its way to Deobandi... clerics in [Pakistan] from ...[i]“Islamic charitable” organizations.'.

Would it surprise you that [i
half] the mosques in the UK have a Deobandi "following"? My local mosque is one of them. What about yours? Here's a UK mosque directory:

...only surprised that he knew....
An extract from the Independent article (dated Nov 2007) linked to by Fender:

"[Dr MacEoin], leading a team of researchers [has] uncovered a hoard of malignant literature inside as many as a quarter of Britain's mosques. All of it had been published and distributed by agencies linked to the government of King Abdullah.
Among the more choice recommendations in leaflets, DVDs and journals were statements that homosexuals should be burnt, stoned or thrown from ... tall buildings... Those who changed their religion or committed adultery should experience a similar fate.
Almost half of the literature was written in English, suggesting it is targeted at younger British Muslims who do not speak Arabic or Urdu. The material, which was openly available in many of the mosques, including the East London Mosque in Whitechapel, which has been visited by Prince Charles, also encourages British Muslims to segregate themselves from non-Muslims."

I know that most Sunni mosques in the UK were either built or receive financial support from Saudi Arabia. I have known about that too for decades.
Not sure where you have got the wrong notion that I approve of that, I don’t.
The Saudi version of Islam is particularly dangerous and extreme, and I would gladly support the closure of any Saudi mosque in the UK.

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