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Has Steve Bannon Really Lost His Mind ...

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ichkeria | 20:18 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | News
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Or is it a smoking gun from the heart of the Trump campaign?


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Personally I think he found his mind can't have been easy, living in the fantasy world of Trump !

By the way, does anyone know if Roy Moore has finally admitted defeat in Alabama, or is he still having a hissy fit ?
This has been mentioned before. There is speculation that the 'smoking gun' evidence that will impeach Trump has finally been found, and Bannon has that evidence.
smoking gun from the heart ....... eek ! a bit of a mixed metaphor there itch

covered reluctantly by the Beeb who clearly think the furry little polar bear cub is more newsworthy

Bannon ( I first thought it was Sean (seany) Spicer on whose every word I used to hang ) said on leaving the White House - now it is War ! and I always thought he meant he was gonna carrry on the fight from Breitbart ....

and now this !

How ungrateful - would never have happened in the days of Camelot
erm eddie - the first ref you gave was to quizzes puzzles
and the second referred back to this thread
( self-referent )

or have I lost my mind ? ( clever question refrring back to this thread)
Question Author
Trump seems to have adopted his usual tactic of trying to bury bad news with controversial tweets.
Steve Bannon is plainly a crazed Breitbartist, but I personally would not have wanted to fall out with him too publicly if I was Trump.
A bad day, Eddie?
You certainly seem a trifle confused.
The continuing story of the chaos that counts as the White House these days.

It wasn't this bad when Nixon was around.
You certainly are having a bad day if you believe anything on Fox News.
And it doesn’t make sense. It says the investigation was deliberately instigated to bring down Trump, but now it has found evidence. You cannot on the one hand say the investigation is baseless and then in the next breath say that it has found that the allegations are true (or the evidence supports it).

To answer the question, has Steve Bannon lost his mind?
That rather assumes he had a mind. He seems to have a set of opinions which are formed without any factual evidence. Any facts that contradict his opinions are just ignored rather than disproved. So what you are left with is a dangerous man who is very determined. It was scary when Trump appointed him, but Trump will probably regret making an enemy of him.
Gromit....its all grist to the Mill....anything that accelerates the demise of this ogre of a POTUS is OK with me !
I’m not sure ogre sums up Trump.
Might fit Dubya who invaded countries and left them in ruins and resulted in hundreds of thousands dying.
Trump on the other hand has to potential to do great harm, but hasn’t (yet). Trump is frightening because he isn’t very bright. It is a dangeous world, but we don’t seem to have a President who can cope with its complexities. So he makes decisions that often don’t make sense (or don’t seen to realise the consequences). His unpredictability is scary, not his abominableness.
Gromit...most of the words that would use about Trump, in a face-to-face conversation, would get me banned here on AB !

But here are some of the more usable ones :::

Question Author
Mind you the book’s claims about Tony Blair seem rather preposterous. So I’m not sure I’ll be forking out: the list of ‘amazing revelations’ doesn’t appear that amazing to me. That is the problem: what can be stranger or more alarming than the reality we can all see? Who needs a book?
Gromit, //Might fit Dubya who invaded countries ….Trump on the other hand has to potential to do great harm, but hasn’t (yet). Trump is frightening because he isn’t very bright.//

That implies ‘Dubya’ firstly didn’t do great harm and secondly that he was bright. First chuckle of the day. Thanks.

Really preposterous?
I would be more surprised if the British Secret Services were NOT surveilling Trump. If they weren’t, they should have been.
Is treasonous a proper word?
Question Author
Maybe but how would Blair know? I can imagine he might have joked about it. Just sounds like more fire and fury to me and we have enough of that already.
In any case I think you’re wrong: UK and US intelligence are so tightly interconnected it would be surely impossible for the British to do anything like that without the US knowing. Of course it’s quite possible they could have picked up something juicy from his ‘international negotiations’ but again, idle speculation.

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Has Steve Bannon Really Lost His Mind ...

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