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Does Electoral Law Need Reform?

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Kromovaracun | 09:56 Wed 27th Jun 2018 | News
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The Electoral Commission has warned that UK democracy is under threat unless a number of reforms are brought in, including:

- Requiring all digital campaigns to state their source of funding.
- Explicitly barring foreign organisations or individuals from spending on UK elections.
- Requiring campaigns to declare their spending sooner.
- Increasing the maximum fine per offense from its current £20,000 for those who breach electoral spending limits.

Do you agree that electoral law needs urgent reform? And do you agree with these proposals?

To me it seems quite worrying that some of these were not already in place. Although, the imposition of fines at all on those who break electoral law seems utterly toothless. So many of these people are million/billionaires, it is utterly insignificant to them (Leave.Eu was fined £70k when its co-founder is a multimillionaire). At the very least such an offence should warrant a criminal record.


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//But for some reason you don't want to do that, you just want the spending bit done. Why is that I wonder?//

I'm not against fixing postal vote fraud, it just strikes me as a relatively easy fix in comparison to finance, which has major structural implications for how the UK is actually governed.
Maybe all political entities should contribute to a voting fund and all allowed to take out a previously agreed portion as their total campaign budget. Then it matters little where the money came from, and no one can overwhelm another's arguments by excess spending.
OG, that would appear to fix it but how would you deal with "Government Information leaflets such as the 9.3 m Remain campaign of Camoron?

Also how would you portion it out? Last elect votes, members affiliated or what?
"If you want to live under the US system, 3T, go there. " - I don't and I have already agreed that funding does need to be controlled but to me it's not a major issue.
"I'm not against fixing postal vote fraud, it just strikes me as a relatively easy fix" - so You agree it should be abolished then?
This recent election from Uncle Sam would seem to refute the campaign expenditure argument.

300,000 dollars beat 3,350,000 dollars. Rather a large difference.

Just saying.

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Does Electoral Law Need Reform?

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