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The Traditional Big Ben Bongs On Bbc Radio 4 Will Be Replaced By Bells From Rochdale Town Hall On Christmas Eve.

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tommy39 | 06:44 Tue 11th Dec 2018 | News
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when you hear the bell's chime,think of the young ladies, who were groomed and rapedcos you can bet no-one else is.


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I'd really rather not. It doesn't sound very Christmassy.
not a cheerful thought, at least and this is not to make light of the girls plight, many of these scumbags are now in jail, so they won;t be hurting any more girls.
Tommy, as a resident of Rochdale, I find your OP disgusting if not offensive. I can also tell you that I know a lot of things about that episode that would horrify you, but am not allowed to say. People are receiving lots of help to rebuild their lives and measures are being taken to try and prevent further issues. Thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year.

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