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Do As I Say Not As I Do.

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youngmafbog | 17:13 Sat 30th Nov 2019 | News
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More hypocracy from labour. Anyone surprised though?

What I dont get is why try to wipe it from history. As a child you have little choice so just admit it and say you never agreed with it?


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you can run but you can't hide, in this case as you said seems stupid to think others might not notice.. I am not surprised in the least, bunch of Marxist twerps.
I read that headline and thought, 'Who the heck Christens their son Marxist?' before the penny dropped
// McDonnell began training to be a Catholic priest, receiving a Church grant to attend St Joseph's College, Ipswich, a Roman Catholic boarding fee-paying independent school for boys. //

McDonnell’s entry on Wikipedia clearly states his schooldays. He received a grant to attend. He has not hidden past, his biog has been online for everyone to read.
He probably learned how to spell "hypocrisy" unlike the OP.
//McDonnell began training to be a Catholic priest//

I wonder what happened?
hypocrisy to suggest the OP didn't get it right when so many on here make glaring errors.
emmie, diddly is good at picking up on others spellings or mistakes except her own but try and get her to answer a question and you have no chance.
i know..
I’d rather read what somebody has to say if what they have to say is worth reading - and it could be littered with spelling mistakes as far as I’m concerned.

On the flip side, diddlydo may spell correctly, but she has nothing worthwhile reading because, frankly, she’s dim.

I detest people who pick up on other people’s spelling mistakes and grammar misuse - they’re pathetic and are clearly inadequate in their real life, but I must admit I do find it mildly amusing when diddlydo does it because she herself and often gets it wrong.
i am aware that she does get it wrong

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Do As I Say Not As I Do.

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