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They have nothing at all to fear so long as they aim to live peaceful lives and do not try to impose the requirements of their ridiculous religion on the rest of us. That said, it's too bad if they do have fears. There are plenty of Islamic states across the globe which I'm sure will be more suited to them
Only, I hope,those who wish us harm. That goes for anyone whoever they be. I read that now he is back firmly in the driving seat he will shake up the judiciary and sentencing procedures for certain offences in the New Year.
Have we anything to fear from Muslims??
The Muslim community has nothing to fear from Conservatives, but the more radical among them are opposed to Brexit because they have an agenda of universal Islam & belonging to a federal Europe would allow much freer movement & interaction of their ideological objectives.
of course not.
Khando, I think you are overstating what the Muslims are saying.They are afraid of Islamaphobia within the UK.
N J has it right, as long as they abide by the law, don't make themselves into martyrs, can't see what the problem is.
Danny //They are afraid of Islamaphobia within the UK.//

That's a bit rich for followers of a religion dedicated to the wholesale slaughter of every Jew on the planet.
many would presumably have voted Labour..
Khandro, the link is referring to the UK, not the planet.You are going off the thread.,
The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has called on the Prime Minister – who has been personally accused of Islamophobia – to reassure British Muslims of their place in Britain".

why should he, what do they really fear i wonder

Just a bit of post, lost election, get your complaints in early, campaigning. We must assure them that if they are truly concerned then we will not stand in their way when they decide to move to a Country that is better able to protect them from persecution and violence. The Jewish people were prepared to do just that in the event of the antisemites in the Labour party gaining power. Did our people of the religion of peace offer any assurances to them?
We have a large Korean community nearby in New Malden. We also have a fair sprinkling of Chinese and Hindi.Non of them that I know and speak to have voiced concerns over Brexit or the Conservatives.
I suppose any fears or problems The Muslim Council have are of their own making.
OI think the problem is that Bojo has had some bad publicity in the press regarding remarks that he has made in the past.
Law abiding muslims have absolutley nothing to fear. It's a shame the same cannot be said for the Jews. Just because COB lost doesnt mean that the 1930's style brown shirts of Momentum have gone away.

I suspect it is not just a coincidence there is anti semitism in the labour party and the sea of read in the London areas givn the demographic there.
so have many, social media for a start.
Islamophobe- Someone who understands Islam.
my friend voted Labour, heaven only knows why. she doesn't know either after speaking with her yesterday,
I told her that Corbyn was unelectable and that Momentum was their downfall
The reputation of the MCB precedes it. Justified criticism is not Islamophobia.
// fair sprinkling of Chinese and Hindi//
hindi is a language innit?

even if it is Hindu - which is a religion - the events in India are threatening all 200 m Muslims. Modi trying to disenfranchise them.

yeah I thought all the muslims were in Pakistan and Bangla by design but they arent clearly

Jodie Foster who redid The King and I, not very well. said there was someone on the set that spoke fluent Hindu. So the Munshi cd get it right. well jodie tried

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Have The Muslims Anything To Fear Over A Tory Government?

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