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// the events in India are threatening all 200 m Muslims. Modi trying to disenfranchise them.//

Yeah but the Chinese are looking after them. They have even provided at great expense specially built, and located, further education facilities for them. Perhaps Boris should offer them similar facilities.
I think this is as trite and manufactured as the Jewish community fearful of a Labour government.

It sells papers and garners support for the opposition in as much as all talk and no trousers. There is discrimination and intimidation in all areas of life but most of it is overhyped for maximum effect.

But I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for saying it.
I can only assume that now the Hezbollah and Hamas hugging ally has been kicked into the long grass and unlikely to surface in UK politics they are worried they won’t find it so easy to infiltrate a democratic country and inject their regime of corruption and toxicity.
I wonder how many folk would be happy to take advantage of the care and education provided by the Chinese?
do they not open themselves up for scrutiny, considering the jihadists
who have bombed stabbed shot and maimed uk citizens, let alone the rape gangs..should they fear the uk government, of course not.

21 to 26 of 26rss feed

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Have The Muslims Anything To Fear Over A Tory Government?

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