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Scottish Independence

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anotheoldgit | 15:19 Mon 16th Dec 2019 | News
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Is Nicola Sturgeon being racist against the rest of the UK?
And why is Scotland allowed to have a Nationalist Party, yet England is not?



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Time to get rid of Scotland, Hadrian had the right idea.
In what way are the people of Scotland a different 'race' to us, AOG?
People who can sit down to a meal of haggis and deep-fried Mars Bars and wash it down with Irn Bru while listening to a set of bag-pipes most certainly are a different race.
wee jimmy is probably the most racist person in the UK. Her hatred of England is driving her to lead her charges over a cliff.
The SNP did well - they are a party whose aim is to represent Scotland's interests at Westminster.

However, Stugeon claiming this gives them a 'mandate' for a second referendum couldn't be further from the truth - it does no such thing.
ZM:"In what way are the people of Scotland a different 'race' to us, AOG?" - good point but it seems these days ZM you can be called racist for disagreements with the adjoining village. I base my comment above of that interpretation. Of course if we adhere to the generally accepted term the you are correct we are the same "race".
Well, Tora, if there's an opportunity for someone to be offended then playing the 'race' card would seem to be a one-size-fits-all way to shoehorn your prejudices in.

AOG is always complaining about people playing the 'race card' yet he seems to be using that gambit here, himself.
Our nation is the UK so the party isn't nationalist.
Within the Equality Act 2010, 'Race' includes nationality;

(1)Race includes—
(c)ethnic or national origins."

So is would appear, even though indigenous Scots are the same race as me, I could indeed be accused of racism if I treated a Scottish person differently to an English person.

No, I don't get it either!
Catalonia anyone.
English wanting to leave the EU = racist ..homophobic..thick..stupid ..etc..according to NS
Scottish wanting to leave the UK = Patriotic......according to NS
England IS allowed to have a nationalist party

They wrote to Father Christmas a few years back and he obliged (rumour has it)

Question Author
/// Our nation is the UK so the party isn't nationalist. ///

Then why is it called The Scottish Nationalist Party?
ANOTHEOLDGIT you've been telt before there are or have been English political parties.

Either your memory is poor or you are choosing to disregard the facts to support your own version of the truth.
Ha, yeah, get out of that one, OG!
The Scottish National Party.
if they had independence, that would be a huge migrant frontier, of those coming from europe, specially the undesirables, criminals etc
we have enough already.

fender, according to news the other day, places like Aberdeen where 1 in 4 were born outside of Scotland,
that they need fresh blood, because like here more people are living longer. so they need more immigrants.
"Then why is it called The Scottish Nationalist Party?"
Because they know no better. Although they could probably excuse themselves by claiming they intend to leave and thus make Scotland an independent nation. Simples.
People living longer + more immigrants = rapidly increasing population.
How much longer can the requirement for homes equating to 2 large towns per year (e.g Blackburn 150,000) be adequately met?

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