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Muslim Grooming Gangs

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anotheoldgit | 11:58 Wed 15th Jan 2020 | News
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Police and social services cover up Muslim grooming gangs in case it caused racial tension.


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The injustice and criminal activity ignored by the police and councils will forever be a blight and a shame upon those in positions of power that did nothing. Accountability, responsibility, and common humanity could and should have prevailed. Shame upon their heads and upon their families.
What on earth are you on about canary?
Canary - // It's all very well berating the Muslims for this, but never forget unless the demand was there, they wouldn't do it. And where does the demand come from - good old-fashioned Brits, frequently of high or influential standing (e.g. Cyril Smith, Savile) who use their "power" to suppress investigation. //

Your post is somewhat unclear - what is the 'demand for this' that you refer to - is it demand that the activity is hushed up, or is it demand for access to vulnerable teenagers?
I would guess it's the demand for vulnerable kids.
Poor Canary.

I expect Yaxley-Lennon will be inundated with apologies now the media are showing an interest in what went on.
> I think no-one is in any doubt whatsoever why these choices were made

Please enlighten me ...
Ellipsis - // > I think no-one is in any doubt whatsoever why these choices were made

Please enlighten me ... //

With pleasure -

the twin forks on which justice and protection for these vulnerable girls were impaled were as follows -

An inbuilt level of insensitivity and crass cruelty based on the presumption that young girls in care were far from innocent, and asked for everything they got.

A willingness for authority figures to bow to an utterly unfounded presumption that creating investigations on people living in the Asian communities would provoke a backlash of racial tension and accusations or racism.

Both of those thought processes conspired to allow the authorities simply to ignore and forget about troublesome issues they thought unworthy of their valuable time, and also troublesome teenage girls whom they also thought unworthy of their protection and care.

How's that?
That's accusations OF racism.
Are you actually telling me there is concrete proof the Home secretaries sanctioned this?

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Muslim Grooming Gangs

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