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Time For Boris And Hancock To Go?

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youngmafbog | 07:16 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | News
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This is getting ridiculous now. Chopping changing rules here rules there but never anything done when left wing protests happen. Who won the election, was it Jezza after all?

The other day Rishi hands out cash to try to get people to go out. Compulsory face-masks (far too late now so clearly just a Government control thing) will put many off going out - it could well be the end of the high street.

So for me Boris needs to go along with Hancock. Let Rishi step up to the plate.


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I can't understand why when making a rule, they say * in a few days* or July the ?? Why not straight away, it's not like it has to go to the Lords for approval !
give them their due, this is unchartered territory, this pandemic couldn't have come at a worse time. I don't suppose anyone would have made a better job of it come what may.
It has to go the Queen - "My good man, I gagged Philip ages ago - however, I'll give your law my blessing if you can gag that awful son of mine."
I agree emmie..
Emmie, the alternative does not bear thinking about
no it doesn't bear thinking about. What with Brexit, this is unknown territory and i for one think that they should stay and ride this out
They are doing the best job they can. I don't think anyone could do better
well with the majority Boris has, he won't be going anywhere - and I agree about being in uncharted waters and having to 'feel' their way through it.
Definitely time for them to go.
they have made mistakes, there is no denying that, but when faced with people dying from something you can't control there is a degree of lets see what works. i am not defending them so much as saying that the alternative would be worse.
ymb, the Government have been waiting for the scientists to make up their minds regarding covering the face.Hardly Boris's fault. By the way it refers to face coverings, not masks per se.
Indeed it does not. Particularly with the BLM debacle. Jezza would have had a national 2 minute kneel-a-thon.

With regard to the Covid response - a completely unprecedented situation - perhaps Boris knows that the people are disproportionately sensitive during these strange time and feels the nation needs to be treated with kid gloves.

We're in the midst of a global pandemic, facing economic ruin, witnessing an uprising that threatens our freedom and democracy and we're looking to get Brexit finalised. Challenging times for any leader.

I'm just glad we don't have a pusillanimous traitor like Corbyn holding our fate in his deceitful hands.
IMO Boris seemed our last hope of retaining a government willing to respect our citizens and culture. Even now his ill health experience has warped his judgement, there seems no one else in the country yet fit to take over. Lord Bountiful chancellors don't necessarily make good PMs.
How far would loyalists go to defend this bumbling clown?
Another affair? Financial impropriety? Eating a baby with roast potatoes?

Never mind 'Jezza', address the issue of Jozza.
Anyone could do better by not dictating what folk must wear.

Forcing folk to wear masks on threat of a fine is hardly treating anyone with kid gloves. On the contrary it's taking advantage of the chance to bully them.
OG, nobody is forcing anyone to wear a mask, the only requisite is that you cover your face when shopping.
And what if Rishi Sunak says wear a mask in a shop?
At least he'd smile and pay you to do it.
Seeing as how this 'virus' has a 99.9% recovery rate I don't see why making the wearing of face coverings mandatory now is necessary. The whole thing is about control and always has been.
Mask/face covering, clearly an irrelevant distinction. Unsure why it is always pointed out.

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Time For Boris And Hancock To Go?

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