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Footbal Continues To Justify Its Exempt Status ...

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sunny-dave | 14:13 Sat 02nd Jan 2021 | News
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... not.

Yet another example of the "rigorous discipline" that is making it possible to continue with Football as per the 'Opium of the Masses' and 'Bread and Circuses' policies of BoJoGov.

Rigorous my aunt fanny!


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Footbal ... shome mishtake poshibly ...
If I had the chance I'd close the ruddy lot of them down, and use them for vaccination centers, plenty of seating in the open air, sit and wait for someone to come and jab you:0)
Good idea TC
These players are idiots but it’s not a reason to close down football or whatever.
We had all this the other day

A “circuit breaker” was suggested within the game to cut the number of cases but I’m not sure how effective that would be.
Stopping football because players go to parties would not make a lot of sense.
They’d presumably be even more likely to do it
I am see this is not going to be a rational discussion :-)
Well Matt can't seem to get his head round how to get rid of 2 million vaccines a week, so thought I would help him. Plenty of seats in alphabetical order, even at half capacity seating they could get thousands done in a day, that's if the doctors will come out of hiding in their local surgeries. :0)
The common link with most of these party breaches seems to be age rather than profession.
Its no excuse from people who are seen by some as roll modells but least the footballers are tested several times a week.
The papers will print these photos but dont bother when young office workers Keisha and Becki post a picture on Facebook of there house party with half a dozen freinds round on New Years Eve
The cabinet are their own worst enemies. Making highly ambitious targets which more competent outfits would struggle to keep to.
Hopefully this one will work out
^^ Well at least Boris seems to have learnt some lessons of the past 12 months. When interviewed early on this week , he said he would not commit to any figures for rolling out the vaccine. May be he should take Hancock to one side and advise him the same.
I've not much interest in football so I will use this story of > 3 < muppets to say football should be banned.
Perhaps Boris wouldn’t reveal the roll out of the vaccines because it was embarrassingly poor.
India has just approved the AstraZenecca vaccine and has 50 million doses to use immediately. They have been manufacturing it under licence in India for the past month.

The UK has also approved the AsteaZenecca vaccine but we have none stockpiled. We can expect a few million doses ‘within weeks’.

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Footbal Continues To Justify Its Exempt Status ...

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