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Captain Sir Tom Moore

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maggiebee | 17:12 Tue 02nd Feb 2021 | News
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Has this gentleman died? Read an RIP on Facebook but can't find anything about it.


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Yes. Just flashed up on BBC News. So sad
Saw a newsflash about it just now.

It was, sadly, more or less inevitable once he was forced into hospital, and even more so when news came this morning that his family had been allowed to visit.
Yes it’s currently breaking news.
Always sad when someone dies despite what might have led up to it.
Yes - just come on the news now
yes had to wonder when they said his family had visited....not a good sign during these covid times
Question Author
Nicola Sturgeon has just put a condolence message of Facebook. RIP Sir Tom.
RIP Sir Tom.

I hope the online abuse and trolling of his family stops now.
Me too Mamya. There are some very nasty people about. So glad that the last year of his life was so good for him.
poor old bagga
seemed worn out at the end
pneumonia and too ill for covid vacc - which takes some doing
What a hero,RIP SIR TOM.
Sad but he was very old so it was to be expected.
Dave50, you might very well have said the same a year ago when he was 99. But just look what he went on to do in his final year. If anything, the story of Captain Sir Tom shows us that you can be 99 and still have one of the best years of your life.
Meglet well said! He gave hope to those people feeling life was not worth carrying on for - a positive role model, a true hero from a generation that did not hesitate to give their lives in battle for the freedom we now enjoy.

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Captain Sir Tom Moore

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