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Canary42 | 15:55 Wed 19th May 2021 | News
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Boris claims he has more confidence that vaccine protects against new virus variants.

This is the same Boris who last year claimed complete confidence in the harmlessness of shaking hands with a hospital ward full of Covid patients, even boasting about it on National TV.

So I'm afraid his latest assurance doesn't cut any ice. Just another lie for PMQ relief.


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did you actually read the piece canary... there is some hope but he is still being cautious, he must be following the advice of those experts who have been advising him all along.
We all know a lot more now than we did last spring.
Another day, another opportunity for bandwagonning Boris-bashing. Yawn.... Bo-ring!
Boris has certainly radicalised those back benchers of his,at PMQs. Every time a lie comes out of his mouth they cheer him.
Your the one thats been radicalised gulliver. No wonder Labours in a mess. You spout rubbish and spoil things for true Labour supporters who want the best for Britain and will give credit where its due and criticize where its not, but you just blabber on about Boris as if your obsessed. Surely you've realised that your so out of touch gulliver and putting people off Labour. Lets learn from the election results and work together
I wouldn't think Boris has got much confidence in his decorator, I read today that is gold paper is coming off the walls, must be all that hot air that comes out of his mouth.
//This is the same Boris who last year claimed complete confidence in the harmlessness of shaking hands with a hospital ward full of Covid patients,//
Yes seems silly now but thats because were been so cautious as it was a new virus. Scientists now know the vast majority of transmission is by airborn transmission so it may turn out that the handshaking has'nt been a risk after all
What Boris thinks, inside that head of his, with the thatched If he keeps saying something over and over again even though it is a lie , eventually his muppets will believe him , and they do.
If there was an absurd false equivalence prize, Canary’s won it.
I been wondering when people will realise Boris - he dont know narfin about molecular biology/virology/covid

beside what it is like to have it

That is why the gubmint scientists have to speak with one voice ( after thrashing it out behind closed doors)

Did anyone see the hairy one ( gubmint scientist silly) from haute Savoie ( christ how did he get there?) talking about virology when he should have been talking about his subject computer modelling. You didnt - he got it wrong anyway. Then they got someone from Tunbridge Wells who was slightly more on message ( knew a virus was a liddle liddle buggy thing - which was a good start )

//So I'm afraid his latest assurance doesn't cut any ice.//

Ignore him then.

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