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Apartment Collapse

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Espresso125 | 11:11 Fri 25th Jun 2021 | News
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regarding this terrible event
this building collapsing on cctv video just seen to fall apart and the rubble looks like it was really not up to scratch when it was built 40 years ago cant see any large concrete parts at all just small rubble


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where was this espresso...
On the face of it it looks like the construction didn't comply with building codes. I know Florida is known for sink-holes but I wouldn't expect one to cause such a large scale & sudden collapse. At least some of the building is still standing so they can examine the rest of the structure.
This really should be in News. It's a terrible story.
Absolutely dreadful disaster. 159 still missing at last update (14:30). Just heartbreaking, I can't imagine what all those poor people are going through.
Tragic, the waiting must be horrendous for the families.
Buildings in Florida are supposed to be built to withstand hurricanes - so very strong. Goodness knows what happened here. An unimaginable tragedy. Poor people.

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Apartment Collapse

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