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Scammers! Love Rats!

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eve1974 | 11:41 Fri 25th Jun 2021 | News
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There should be far more investigations going on into things like this,

Sickens me!

And before anyone suggests “how cld she be so gullible” remember it can happen to anyone s and these scammers often know just what to say!


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all they have to do is ask themselves a question, why is a handsome young person interested in a fat ugly old fart? tada! Of course I have sympathy but these "romance" scams are easily spotted.
Question Author
Easily spotted by many - but clearly not all.

There are many folk who blissfully believe others intentions are honest.

Question Author
Anyway in this instance he wasn’t all that young …. In his 60s whilst the lady was 73.

it's all relative eve, they go after someone who will be flattered by the attention.
They are disgusting, horrible creatures.
yes they are barry.
This business woman was in her 40s and was scammed out of £1.6m.
Not every victim is an older person and men get scammed too.
It must be heartbreaking

Question Author
Very much heartbreaking.

And affects finances, self confidence, trust etc
Surely when someone whom you have never met face-to-face starts asking for money then alarm bells must sound loudly for all but the most naive.
The scammers often chat for months before asking for money. Hundreds of hours building trust, rapport, gaining affection and reliance.
How can anyone be so stupid, why would you give money to someone you've never met, it beggars belief!
As others have said, as soon as they start asking for money, whether its after one week or one year, the alarm bells will start to ring, end the relationship straight away, delete and block all contact.
I'm torn here. While I feel dreadfully sorry for the lady as she was obviously lonely, I also find it hard to believe how anyone can be so naive as to hand over loads of money to a total stranger online. She wasn't alone in the world either, she had a son who wanted to help her. Very sad, but at least she will be with her much missed husband again now.
Some victims even suspect it's a scam but won't look too much into it as they are lonely and look forward to the messages, very sad.
Question Author
Barry 12:33 and archbaldy 13.34 exactly!

I feel nothing but sympathy for the folk that get conned.
burlyshirley - // I also find it hard to believe how anyone can be so naive as to hand over loads of money to a total stranger online. //

Never underestimate the power of loneliness, and the lure of attention.
It's all very well to blather on about naiveté, but many folk lead very sheltered lives. Especially older folk when all their friends die off, and younger ones dismiss them as "fat ugly old farts".

Don't assume everyone is as worldly as you.
My responses on a dating site included a number from young men, mostly Asian or african. I had asked for age 60+ but these were around 30-40. I simply sent out a general message saying I had no money, and did not own my own home. No further contacts.... Sorted.
Whatever happened to meeting people face to face, in a pub or the local dancehall and if you clicked you might go on a date. Why there is the need for dating sites amazes me - you are not telling me that the very person from millions of others who answers your request just happens to be the 'right' one for you? I would think of all the weird blokes I have worked for or known and think what if one of them was him? Eugh.
Lankeela, dating agencies were around long before the internet. Some people are shy, gauche and no good in a group of people and are much happier meeting one on one.
Others have very specific tastes and sometimes it is better to upfront about ones needs at the start - but it could be taken the wrong way during a casual pub chat up :D
I really can't understand how a person gives money to a complete stranger and thousands at that.

I know naiveté comes into play but please - where is the logic of parting with so much money for someone you know nothing about?

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Scammers! Love Rats!

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