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Is It Just Me That Finds This Disturbing

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calmck | 09:53 Thu 22nd Jul 2021 | News
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A sixteen year old was killed by a hit and run driver speeding on the wrong side of the road.
A tragedy for the family but why was he riding at 1.20am!? Surely he should have been home in bed at this time


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Question Author
Can someone put this in News for me please. Thank you
Why? I seem to recall being out at that time occasionally when I was 16 and that was back in 76.
Victim blaming
I was often out at that time when I was 16. I was working full time, living on my own and coming home from mates houses or clubs.
calmk ...?I have some sympathy for your brave and interesting post.
At the age of 16 and only on very special occasions, I could stay out u till midnight, 1.20 would have been unacceptable, even on New Year's day.

Times have changed calmk and so has behaviours.
Well you just don't know, Calmck.
At the age of 15 my crazy mother decided, late one night and assisted by a large knife and the kitchen broom, that I leave home....a date with a Protestant lad was never going to end well......and she'd never much liked having me around anyway.... ;-)

Left the low paid job I enjoyed to earn more money by shift work so I'd have been out late too.
Question Author
Thanx Squad. It confounds me that the number of young victims of knife crime is so high. Is family responsibility a thing of the past. I remember an ad campaign from the past." Its 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?"

Question Author
Thanx for the link Mozz71
//It is believed to have been stolen from the scene.//

That's disturbing
//The Met is also investigating the disappearance of the e-scooter that was being ridden at the time of the collision. It is believed to have been stolen from the scene//

some toerags just don't miss an opportunity do they?
Question Author
Seriously is it ok for a 16 year old to be riding around at 1.20am given the spate of probable gang related activities and knife crime occurring at the moment. I wouldn't want my children out at this time
The victims should certainly be allowed out when they like. It's the criminals who shouldn't... we need to stop everyone assuming their children are more likely to be a victim.
pixie, yes, not a word about whether an apparently drunk driver, speeding on the wrong side of the road, should have been out at that time of night.
LOL....calmck, I have been made aware by ABers how the bringing up of my children was defective as is my attitude towards them.
I have seen multiple threads concerning the development of the young, beneficial and kicking the attitude of past generations of parents into touch.

All that I have noticed is that the number of and I quote "toerags" have increased in number and the modern generation feels better in themselves in dealing with life.

They may be right????
I find it hard to think of 16 year olds as children. They can get married, join the army, leave home.
They haven't increased, though, sqad. Violent crime is going down, publicity is going up.
I think that until further information is received, it's disrespectful to the victim of a drunk driver to lay any blame at his door. Regardless of the reason he was out, he is is the victim of a horrendous and tragic crime.

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Is It Just Me That Finds This Disturbing

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