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maggiebee | 15:43 Wed 04th Aug 2021 | News
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BoJo's visit to Scotland. Is he running scared? - Perhaps scared that Nicola will show him up for the buffoon he is.

"The prime minister was expected to meet police officers and visit renewable energy projects on Wednesday.

Labour's leader Sir Keir Starmer is also in Scotland for a two-day trip, beginning in Glasgow.

Nicola Sturgeon had invited the PM to her official residence to discuss Covid recovery.

Instead, Mr Johnson has suggested a meeting with other first ministers at a later date."


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so that would be buffoon meeting buffoon, in my opinion
Of Course Bunter is scared . He is scared of getting heckled and Booed or eggs thrown at him. The Scots won't stand for his nonsense.
15.46 "silly woman"....... There's a lot of it about.
Boris running scared of her - hahahahaha

1) He no doubt has a schedule and all places will have been cleared (Operation Bunter I believe Scotland Plod called it).

2) There is a meeting setup for all constituents, Wales, NI and Scotland. Why should be he talk to her alone?
What are you on about Guliver? He is in Scotland anyway, he just wont meet her.

Or are you suggesting the wee one will boo him and throw eggs at him?
Boris is the Product of English Elitism and not even the sort of person that Eton is Paticular proud of. so why should the the Scots have to put up with his nonsense.
I'm still waiting for someone to tell me why the PM is "running scared"
maggs? why is the PM "scared"?
Maggiebee, I know you enjoy a good wind up, you’re not the only one :0) but I’d really like you to say what it is about being part of the United Kingdom you dislike so much? And what it is you think Scotland would be better off by being independent?
This is a serious question by the way
Our Scottish contingent don’t seem to have any answers.
Perhaps the Scottish contingent are content to give John and Jane Bull enough rope to hang themselves, Boris-wise.
YMB "There is a meeting setup for all constituents, Wales, NI and Scotland. Why should be he talk to her alone?"

On what date is that scheduled to happen?
I am one of the * Scottish contingent*. I have no intention of discussing anything relating to Scottish politics on AB . There is a group of abers who are racist towards Scotland, they do not show respect to Scottish abers. They would have you believe they are experts. My only bit of advice is have a close look at your own politicians/ politics .
22.19 Douglas, Love the John and Jane Bull . PMSL
Nothing racist about it at all. Any criticism is directed solely to the Braveheart numpties, not the sensible Scots who have done so much to make the UK what it is today.
Bojo is an English nationalist.Virgin Sturgeon is a Scottish nationalist.Nationalists are reviled all across the world.Apart from dear old Scotland.Nationalism is nationalism whether it is in Scotland or England or Russia or Trumps America.Grrrr...
What evidence have you that Boris is an English nationalist? I would say that he is a British nationalist.
anne: "There is a group of abers who are racist towards Scotland," - so you're a different race now! PMSL!
Why would ANYONE want to meet NS? - awful woman.

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