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Insulate Protesters

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calmck | 12:11 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | News
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When these idiots are arrested could it not be determined if they receive any benefits and have them stopped.


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If they are in receipt of benefits they should be put to work for them. Cleaning up the beaches and countryside would be a start. At least they'd be doing something worthwhile because right now they clearly have far too much spare time on their hands.
a lot of them seem to be pensioners. i agree stop their pensions
On what basis would you stop their State Pensions?
I'm afraid if I was held up by these idiots I would find myself in court for ABH.
no basis really, just being ironic
I wonder what can be done about the climate crisis?

Certainly not these protests, which I think effectively ensures that the narrative becomes about the protests themselves rather than the problem - but *something* extreme now has to be done.

Should they have their benefits taken away?

Only if everyone arrested for *anything* also have benefits (including state pension, child benefits, job seekers allowance and Universal Credit) revoked.

But do we want to becomes a state that does that?

Especially at the point of arrest (ie. pre-conviction).
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maggiebee seems to be a nasty sort of person - probably from the Gorbals?
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Interesting thought on the benefits, but it will never happen.

//On what basis would you stop their State Pensions?//

I wouldnt ,but as it is now classed as a benefit (no doubt so the Government can means test it in the near future-Johnson does love his taxes) surely its the same as any other one?

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Keep it on topic please.
They are getting publicity. I think I see a post most days on AB . They must be happy with the media attention . All protesters do .
Just run them over if they run out into the road, sorry officer, didn't see them, job done.
it doesnt really matter how old they are (although these look on the pensioner side)
Maybe with all that exposure to the elements they’re just weatherworn. ;o)
I know that it has been mentioned before but is it not time to reconsider the use of water cannons?

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Insulate Protesters

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