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Women Need To Be Streetwise About The Powers Of Arrest And Learn Legal Process....apparently.

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sp1814 | 15:20 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | News
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Is the criticism currently being levelled at Commissioner Philip Allott justified, or is he simply speaking common sense?

I think few people, if confronted by a policeman would be sure of their legal footing. Seems like an example of victim-blaming.


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danny - // Women need to be streetwise to a certain extent ... // And that statement simply adds to my argument. Why do women have to be 'streetwise to a certain extent', when men clearly do not? And is that acceptable? My point is that they should no more have to be streetwise' than any men, and that society thinks it's OK to confirm that they should, is what is wrong...
20:03 Sat 02nd Oct 2021
Allott needs a good kick up the kyber! Bloomin police commissioners - made up jobs for the boys.
Elected cvilian who has no experience of policing.
Whilst wandering around the local park at two/three in the morning with my dog I used to see a lot of single females taking a shortcut up by a small stream and through a railway tunnel that is creepy during the daytime.

Girls need to be sensible, but this latest murder by the one person who should make you feel safe is going to do much harm and might make women less safe.

Males also need to learn that their actions can cause alarm where no malicious intent was intended. Walking behind a female for a distance in the dark is actually quite spooky.
Good idea would be a public information ad on the TV and social media explaining what to do and not do if you are approached by someone who looks like a Police Officer. There is a fine line between resisting arrest and being cautious.
Justified. Before this case had I been walking alone and approached by a policeman as Sarah was I'd have thought he was simply mistaken. I would have stayed calm and probably complied thinking it would soon be sorted out.
Now, having read much about this case, I would act very differently.
Any trust and respect I may have had for the police service has gone.

On a previous thread a member asked us not to judge all policeman by this evil man's actions. To keep myself as safe as I can I will now judge them all by his actions and the actions of his colleagues and superiors.
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The problem is - in that situation, isn't there a chance you could be done for resisting arrest?

/// To keep myself as safe as I can I will now judge them all by his actions and the actions of his colleagues and superiors.///

Exactly, just as we warn kids about speaking to strangers (although, say, only 1 in a 1,000 are dangerous), we should now similarly be wary of police.
Of course that would probably happen, Sp. I can only hope that I would be safer doing that than Sarah was by trusting and doing as she was told.
"Walking behind a female for a distance in the dark is actually quite spooky."

If ever I find myself in that situation I always hang back for a minute or two to let the woman get a safe distance ahead. More than once the woman has turned round and shouted "Thank you".
jim - a true gent - it is a thoughtful thing to do. It is little things like that that actually make a difference.

A guy once approached me in a quiet street and grabbed my arm, I hit him and he said "I only wanted to see what time it is on your watch".

He was an idiot. I was looking behind me for a short distance to see if he was following me. I should have thumped him harder.
I'd rather be done for resisting arrest than end up raped and killed.
Ive never trusted Police officers. The male ones I've met are misogynistic and the females are total beeches.
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Yeah JimF - I do something similar - I cross the road then (very obviously) start looking at my phone.
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…unfortunately that means I walk into trees quite alot.
I wish I was clever enough to know the answer, but I do know some of the suggestions on Ferrari’s show this morning are not feasible, such as:

1 - calling 999 (“hold on, I’m just going to call 999 to check you are bona fide”).

2 - if there’s one available, hail a cab and jump in it.

3 - if there’s one available, jump on a bus.

4 - run away.

5 - buy the loudest rape alarm you can buy and set it off.

6 - scream.

Surely 2, 3 and 4 are tantamount to resisting arrest.

This guy was a rogue copper, and in 99.999999% recurring of cases, a copper would be going about his lawful duty.
I just heard this on the radio and although I'm not one for being disgusted, I'm disgusted.

It beggars belief that people with this mindset are in such positions.
being streetwise is good advice but saying she should never have submitted to arrest is crazy talk. How exactly are you supposed to refuse arrest by a psycho with a badge?
// North Yorkshire commissioner Philip Allott sparked fury when he said Ms Everard "never should have submitted" to the arrest by her killer.....(blah blah blah)

Mr Allott has now issued an apology and said he wished to retract his comments.//


has NJ commented ? Do what the p'liceman says and squawk later - because not doing so can lead to arrest for that alone

[ and yes I was mugged by a plain clothes police officer in Madree ( yes I know that Madree is not in the UK ) - and yes we are selected because they know we will co operate. and yes police dont do searches plain clothes on the continent, for er obvious reasons ] ( *)

seems like an example of stupidity more like

(*) he read out my credit card number which I thought was not police behaviour but conman behaviour.
But how to get away from three of them before I DDDIIIIIEEEEEE! Cancel the credit cards and live on nothing until I cd fly home - he had shown me a card wiv "polly-thee-uh" on it.
The solutions mentioned here are not the answers, you say better to be arrested than what happened to this poor woman but she probably thought she was being arrested, once in the handcuffs as happens when being arrested, she was powerless. There should be an immediate law that all women be allowed to carry pepper spray and allowed to use it if she is stopped by anybody she doesn't know. A few sore eyes is nothing compared with what this woman had to endure.

. it is a bit like telling people to guard against their GP being another Shipman by asking
are you trying to kill me?
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BA jno

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Women Need To Be Streetwise About The Powers Of Arrest And Learn Legal Process....apparently.

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