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Drusilla | 16:10 Tue 13th Dec 2005 | News
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The CIA have been accused by the Swiss of abducting and transporting terror suspects across the borders of european countries, illegally.
Has this organization become an embarrassment to the American people and a disgrace to International law, or is this practise acceptable in the present climate of fear about terrorist attacks?


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The CIA have been implicated in many "embarrassing" episodes in its past, primarily "meddling" in the executive running of several smallish latin american countries, i/e chile, guatemala, el salvador, etc..etc

Then of course there are the "rumours" that the CIA was involved in supplying cheap crack cocaine to American inner city dwellers i/e black folk as a way of financing their more unsavoury projects.

Now they are transporting terror suspect across the borders of european countries, illegally......and?

The CIA does the bidding of those who are in power, within or without the CIA infrastructure. With the recent revelations the CIA isn't making any fans, but with their track record, it is hardly surprising. I don't think its justified, just typical CIA.

Decent people have nothing to fear, so let them get on with it!!! Why do people always have so much concern for the evil doers?? Its beyond me.
Question Author
Isn't that what the Nazi's said Latecomer????
Terror suspects - potentially innocent. Anyone who supports torture of innocents (i.e. anyone not proven guilty in front of a jury of his peers) is just as sick as those people actually found guilty of terrorism.

It�s clearly a ridiculous claim to make that �decent people have nothing to fear� from this type of state-sanctioned anti-terrorism policy. Leaving aside the all too frequent mistakes in identity etc that are made, it will simply increase the level of antipathy towards Western Country�s, and serve to act as a means of recruitment for terrorist organisations. Therefore, �decent people� will have a lot more to fear in the form of terrorist atrocities.

I'd be curious to hear how this story is playing out with the general public in the USA?

hello latercomer - i bet you can guess what i'm going to say! But i shall resist my usual lefty moaning about innocent until proven guilty (in a court of law) or right to a fair trial, or even supremacy of national governments etc etc etc. Instead i shall try to come at this from a more "latecomer-perspective" ... ok here goes

I don�t want some Brad, Chuck or Buddy flying into MY country and just doing what they want � America doesn�t own the world, they just think they do!!!!! It�s the arrogance of it all the really gets in my throat � if there is some justice to be doled out in this country then it should be us doing the doling not some gum chewing, slack jawed red neck with an oversized cowboy hat!!!
I respect what they have done for freedom in the middle-east, I tip my hat to the bravery shown in the acquisition of new oil supplies and I have greatly admired their hard interrogation techniques used to keep us all safer� but if they came round here, kidnapping suspect terrorist from right under our noses and whisking them away without so much as a by nor leave to torture them in some undisclosed location � I�d say Oi AMERICA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


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There is a book that describes the beginnings of Nazi Germany, long before the Holocaust and the war, when the people were just beginning to lose a freedom here and there, and to accept that laws must have changed and that that 'they' must know best. I can't remember the author's name, but the title is 'They Thought they were Free'.
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Hi y'all. Listen to yourselves, i didn't realise so many saints walked the Earth!!! All i am saying is that evil doers should always have to look over their shoulders. What's wrong with that??? The CIA will never knock on the door of decent people. You don't think the terrorist and their sympathisers worry about you do you? Get real and get your priorities right . Or maybe we should be nice to them then they will be nice back!!! Stevie, good point, all the more reason to clamp down and clamp down hard ( thanks ) Do any of you think that it may just be possible that the law enforcers are on OUR side and just may sometimes need our support?? Just think about it! And there is a new breed of nazi coming along, Think long and hard about that!!!!!

How strange LATECOMER, you think you�re being sarcastic when you say �maybe we should be nice to them and they will be nice back�. Invading there countries, treating there culture, religion, and values with contempt, bombing innocent men, women and children because they live in a land ruled by a cruel dictator (installed by the west!�), starving the masses with sanctions on food, fuel and medicines (killing an estimated one million children in Iraq alone), raping there lands of natural resources because our western societies and industries need them, and forcing them to accept our that our culture is civilised, while they are murdering, heathen barbarians, has helped in making them love and respect our culture and values hasn�t it! HASN�T IT?
Because if the situation was reversed you�d be throwing garlands and flowers, at there feet while they rode there tanks roughshod through our towns and streets wouldn�t you? And you want the rest of us to get real?
Perhaps then, there might be some merit in your sarcastic answer, seeing as none of the above has endeared us to the majority of middle eastern countries, perhaps we should find a way to be �nice� to them and narrow the divide instead of widening it! Or do you just want to exterminate everyone who has a different, religion, set of values, colour etc to yourself???

Hello Undercovers! Nobody has been taken out of Britain, have they?? Am i miss something? What about Arnie, i really didn't expect that!!!!!! I like your answers, always a little bit of humour in there!
Hello Stevie! And your point IS.........? So let the terrorist blow us all up serves us wicked westerners right!! Is that it?? STOP RANTING. Apologist!
Apologist, not a bit of it! Old Testament kind of guy me actually, �eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth� and all that.
Perhaps you�re right though, I may have sounded like I was ranting, always do get a little heated that there are people out there who can�t grasp the obvious fact of �you kill my people I�ll kill yours�etc.
The point is �(and you�re not going to like it, or I fear understand it) in the end we will compromise (i.e. make peace, make �nice�) there is not one single instance of terrorist war where this has not happened: Ireland and the IRA, Israel and Palestine, even the Russians (hard-line group of guys that they are) with the Chechens. There comes a time when people want to stop getting killed. You may not agree with me, but tell me, why do some of these people feel so strongly they want to blow us and themselves up, or better still how do you intend to stop it, without creating more suicide bomber or victims. I think it may involve reason, and some people I suspect can�t handle it.

Stevie. All my long life i have voted Labour. I have now stopped, believe it or not i never saw any other country as a threat to us and i never thought they had weapons of mass destruction and if America had not invaded that country then no other country would have. And i have issues with the USA concerning their support for Noraid. Just what was that about???? Still i am a westerner, and probably an infidel,but i don't think that as a people we deserve to be blown to pieces and we need to be on our guard. Read what i write. EVIL DOERS.I don't want any harm coming to innocents of any race. Now surely we can agree on that.

the CIA had these wonderful plans for Castro... make his beard fall out. Kill him with an exploding cigar. Poison his skin-diving suit. Details here. But if that catalogue of ludicrousness didn't make the CIA an embarrassment, I don't suppose kidnapping and torture will either.

ahhhhh Latecomer no one we know about has been taken from Britain... you see what i did there... it could be happening all the time, that neighbour I see everyso often - CIA, the man in the post office watching me choose the paper - CIA, the man with the dog who goes pass my house everyday - CIA, the men knocking my door down and stuffing a bag over my head arghghghhghgh oikkkkk - ciiiaa

Undercovers, "Oi America Noooooooooooooooo"

You don't often make me laugh this time I PMSL!

I wouldn't be that hard on the Swiss.

Hi Undercovers. You are gettin paranoid but that doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you!!!!!! Stevie has asked a question about Arnie...! i think he is trying to wind me up. I am starting to like him!! Hope he can keep a cool head and not start RANTING again!!! ( joke stevie joke! ) Drusilla!! Talk about light the blue touch paper and standING well clear! TYPICAL !!!

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