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Huge Rise In Number Of Albanians Crossing From France

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naomi24 | 13:20 Thu 27th Oct 2022 | News
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//The number of Albanian migrants crossing the Channel has seen an "exponential rise" over the last year, MPs have heard.

The Home Affairs Committee was told that "one to two percent" of the entire male population of Albania - around 10,000 men - arrived on small boats this year alone.//

BBC television news last night reported the number as 12,000 but I can find nothing about it on their website today.

We talked here earlier in the year about the rise in the number of Albanians coming to the UK illegally - but that met with some degree of denial. Now there's no doubt. These people can in no way be considered asylum seekers. Leave Suella to do her job!



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It was indeed met with derision when I posted about the problem a while ago

Question Author
That's what I'm talking about, bobbi. I thought you would remember it.
Unless the gov/police/border force can get a grip on this the UK will be overrun by Albania criminal gangs in the not to distant future.

These people aren't coming here to work believe you me!
But what's for them not to like? Hotel accommodation courtesy of the taxpayer until they "find their feet" (cost, £2bn pa). Then disappear into the ether to conduct whatever "business" is their speciality. No hassle from the authorities (certainly far less hassle than they'd receive in Tirana).

There is absolutely no way that anybody from Albania should be granted asylum. It is a safe country and a candidate nation to join the EU. And more than that, they have arrived from another safe country. They should not be allowed to land here and should be returned to France immediately where they can impose themselves on French citizens who can suffer the consequences of the ridiculous Schengen scheme they signed up to. But that won't happen because this government (and those before it and any likely to follow) do not want to appear "nasty".
Yes I do , there’s none so blind is there?
Question Author
Our first priority must be to distance ourselves from the ECHR because whilst that bunch of unelected, unknown, adjudicators (see how polite I was there?) holds such enormous influence over decisions made by the government of this country - and is actually capable of reversing them - we're fighting with one hand tied behind our back - and we will never win the battle.
Makes me despair.
Those 38,000 ( last count) won’t have to worry about heating or eating this Winter, all hotels should be closed to them , a centre should be set up so where they land, they’re taken there, assessed and sent back, not put up in warm hotels with 3 meals a day while our own people go without
There has been so much talk of 'securing our borders' and so little action over the past 30 years or so, that any attempts by anyone to stem the tsunami of illegal immigrants into Britain seem to be as effective as King Canute.
A lot of them are ignoring the Border Force and arriving on other beaches with lifts waiting for them. They then try to get work under the radar so obviously don't pay tax or anything but make use of everything available, schools, hospitals etc. For the others it's costing about £7 million a day to keep them in hotels. A while ago when somebody mentioned they were being put in hotels a lot of people ridiculed the idea, they should come here.
I think one of the frightening things is 10000 men (just the Albanians), it's not doing much for the safety of women and children when so many single men are getting in.
The difference is, Spungle, than King Canute knew he could not control the tides and he sat on the shore trying to do so to demonstrate just that fact to his courtiers.

By contrast, the latest shower to masquerade as a government try to get the gullible electorate to believe they can and will do something about the migrant problem.
I believe there is a massive number of vacancies in the 'care home' sector. Could some of these newcomers not be directed towards gainful employment there? That would kill two birds with one stone.
You're having a giraffe Sandy - they wouldn't stoop to such unpleasant low paid work.

And would you be happy with your 80 year-old Granny being looked after by a 20-odd year old Albanian male?
Question Author
sandyRoe makes good use of his wooden spoon.
Sandy I doubt any of them would meet the DBS checks to enable that to happen
Although it may not be popular with some, I think there should a fake-proof identity card system without which one could not have access to benefits, medical care, housing, work etc.
"It was indeed met with derision when i posted about the problem a while ago."

Only from the one person, Bobs, as i recall. Surprised he's not already posted, challenging Naomi's numbers:-/
I was about to say who Ken, but I’ll wait :0)))
Yes derek ID cards are a totally sensible idea & should have been introduced as a legal requirement decades ago.
Britain had ID cards during the war.

Afterwards, the government naturally wanted to keep them. The people responded that they'd just fought a war against countries that liked to keep a constant eye on their citizens; Britain was a free country with free citizens. The idea was abandoned.

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Huge Rise In Number Of Albanians Crossing From France

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