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£10 Fine For Nhs No Shows

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mushroom25 | 14:38 Thu 27th Oct 2022 | News
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fair enough i guess given the numbers involved -

now, can the government bring some sanction to bear on GPs who still refuse to have anything to do with their patients?


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I was shocked to hear that 48% of the NHS Budget goes to to Managers etc ( Talk TV) , a good start would be for Rishi to tell each trust to reduce the top layer by 10% and make it available to the medical staff
the NHS still has to be managed. If managers aren't paid to do it, doctors will have to.
The NHS is over managed, plus too many 'diversity Managers' etc.

They need to be culled & replaced with front line staff.

DNA's are a big problem in the NHS.
My son works in a hospital, the colour of his tunic was changed for some reason. Because his name was embroidered on them (5) they were 'thrown away', multiply the five by however many were also doing the same job, good quality tops, not cheap, just wasted.
pfft, "sack the managers" is the cliche response to everything in the public service

///NHS managers make up circa 2 per cent of the workforce compared to 9.5 cent of the UK workforce.///
The problem with fining no-shows is they will then probably become no-pays. Sorting this out will generate even more expense.

P.S. I do support the principle incidentally, some folk are far too inconsiderate and casual in making appointments then not fulfilling them without letting the surgeries know.
I have been to the barbers today. Since covid they have run an appointment system. This morning I received a text reminding me that my appointment was at 1pm. I duly attended. I have asked about DNAs and they said there are very few. I can cancel an appointment at any time. People who simply do not turn up are noted and will have to wait longer when they try to seek another appointment.
My hairdresser charges £10 for a no show
It could all be solved at a stroke if they stopped appointments for being ill in the future, and just dealt with those who have turned up.
They do that already OG.
GP appointments are weeks in the future, you are often better before your allotted time. That might explain why some don’t - the have recovered.
When a NHS appointment can be made within the range of one's current diary, only then would fines for non-attendance be effective and accepted by all.
The fine should be paid to the practice one attends.
That is absolute garbage jno.

Comparing apples and pears.

And what exactly does that mean ///NHS managers make up circa 2 per cent of the workforce compared to 9.5 cent of the UK workforce./// ?

There are lies, damn lies and statistics.

I have my info from the shop floor in more than one part of the NHS and in more than one trust. Where you have people managing 1 or two people it is over managed.

And while we are at it there are far too many admin staff too. To much reliance on antiquated Diary's and manual letters.

The whole thing is loated and needs a top down shake up.

I agree with gromit
if the DNA rate - then overbook by 10%

managing a single queu with two outputs ( sees doctor or doesnt attend) really cant be that difficult - statistically or with a computer
Don't waste your time Rishi, it ain't going to work, getting that £10 no show will cost £20 or more and knowing the British public, will never come to fruition.
This is payback time for the GP's who have been abused, mentally and occasionally physically who have suffered at th hands of the British public , at their beck and call for well over half a century.
Those time are gone, as with home visits and unnecessary surgery visits which were uneconomical from the outset.

We will never see these days again..........thank goodness.
I dread our GP retiring, he still does home visits and we get face to face appointments in the surgery. When my neighbour was having terminal care at home, he was there twice a day every day.
That link of mushroom's demands from The Mail that its cookies be accepted. Terms unknown.
The process would involve many stages, notifying the failure, gathering reasons, deciding if they were valid, notifying the charge, dealing with any dispute or appeal, notifying the outcome of that stage and then actually collecting the charge.

If it is introduced, should the NHS not be fined for every appointment or operation cancelled?

What about when the NHS miss performance targets?
no show - no further appointment for 3 months, then back of the existing queue.
Of course the NHS needs managers, but do they need some managers?

For instance, do you recall earlier in the year when the EHRC ruled Transgender people can be legitimately excluded from single sex services if justified?

At the time there was a Chief of LGBTQWERTY+ at an NHS Trust who got most upset. Obviously I don't know how much that person earns, but if they were trousering less than £100k I'd be surprised.

Does a trust really need this type of manager?
Nice rant sqad but no one forces a doctor to be a GP. In fact when my daughter was training most on her course intended to be a GP, she was one of the off few who wanted to work in a hospital.

So it cant all be bad can it?

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£10 Fine For Nhs No Shows

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