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Khandro, think a little harder, dig just a scintilla deeper than the surface.
He’s of no influence now and yet still ….
11,09 "He's of no influence now and yet still"
Has his radicalised supporters about . just like yourself Naomi.
And still has people obsessed/infatuated with him. They say gentlemen prefer blonds.
Question Author
Surely the sentence should be he’s of no use now?
I wonder how the PSC is coming along, looking forward to that and/or the Russia Report in the interim period hopefully?
He’s of ‘no use now’ - but he still bugs you. Sounds a bit obsessive to me. :o)
-- answer removed --
I've found the real Fatti:
Question Author
Oh wow, now you’re trawling social media looking for me? Love it!
Had no idea I was living rent-free in so many ABers heads?
If you want to carry on with the Answerbank Cluedo I’ll give you a tip:
None of my profiles are public. Good luck in your quest(loosely disguised as an obsession).
Don’t forget I warned you about online stalking before though.
Crack on.
You warned me? Oooooooh!
Question Author
This is a test.
^^^^^^^ That stupid image says nothing about Johnson & an awful lot about you
As does the removed 'threat'.
Question Author
Threat? You mean the one where you said ‘you’ll be looking for me’?

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