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Question Author
Not really got an opinion on them tbh.
Give me a link to your claims and I’ll have a look.

Did watch Douglas Ross having a spat with the Scottish speaker(forgotten the official title) and have absolutely no clue what Ross was talking about, some point of order?

All that aside, I do laugh at those who slate gulliver for supposedly living abroad ergo he shouldn’t be concerned about matters in the UK yet the very same will defend The Don to the hilt, ignoring all the bad press about him?
Go figure, as the septics might say.
You are up here in Scotland so you must know all about the SNPs sexual scandals and wrongdoings.
Question Author
Two clues:

Name not Dave.
Don’t live in Scotland.

Do what some of the others do(who are either bored/obsessed) and look at all my posts, then join the dots…….
For the OP in his new manifestation; - plus ça change!
Curiouser and curiouser. (which is appropriate given the metamorphosis of FattiSnackDave).
Trump is scum and so are his apologists
Question Author
Still fascinated with me and my previous usernames? Aren’t these posts generally deleted?
Why does no one pursue Bobbisox and MissTerious?
What on earth is the curious fascination with me? Do you want to meet up or something? Reveal my real name to the world like it’s some big scoop? Tell me, I’m genuinely intrigued.
You have a really high opinion of yourself don't you, Alice?
Fascinated is the wrong word. No one is fascinated by you. Bored stiff, yes, but fascinated, no.
The irony of the question title hasn't escaped me either.
Question Author
Bored stiff but still respond? Of course you are.
Question Author
So back to the thread….

What do we think will happen? The recent widely predicted red wave in the mid teens turned out to be nothing more than a pink splash.
Presidential hopes are clearly terminated.
Will he fight on regardless whilst we await the FBI investigations too?
Will his party now drop him like a stone?
Question Author
That’s exactly what it says in the Sky report, Zacs.

/They concluded that the evidence "has led to an overriding and straightforward conclusion: the central cause of January 6th was one man, former President Donald Trump, whom many others followed./

I know the feeling.
I respond because you appear to be totally unaware that you’re boring everyone senseless. You seem to be suffering under some sort of delusion of grandeur. Just trying to help.
Maybe people remember what happened when we discussed this subject, at length, back in July?

Not pretty, is it (and I was largely in agreement with you!).
Question Author
Aw c’mon, it’s obvious even to you I’m not, that’s why a chosen few obsess over me and what I post. I’ve never had so much attention in 20 years here.
Their problem, not mine.
Do you really have to be so aggressive Dave?
Question Author
Oh blimey.
FattyDave. MissTerious has always said who she is and I came back as MissTerious2 because I couldn't get hold of the editors to get back. Hardly a change of nameĺ And Missterious, in any guise since 2004, in any has never had questions removed or been suspended. I had good reason for changing my name from Lottie after a long absence from AB due to a problem with a stalker who got hold of my phone number and caused me personal problems.

Do not

My most recent break from AB was because the news section was taken over by Fstticusinch and I used to like the News Section. I came back when it improved and now its gone downhill again.
Question Author
Ah, the one with Spicerack? Claimed not to be a Boris supporter but gave BA to Tora, the first answer, 2 minutes after posting this thread?
The regularity and propensity for such awards is at times staggering, but as I’ve said that’s another matter entirely in the virtual world of AB.

But just so you’re aware this is 5 months on, matters have escalated somewhat dramatically in the interim, as clearly shown by todays current news.
Shall we stay topical?

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