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Another Light Bulb Moment For Joe Public?

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daveinscotland | 00:59 Sat 24th Dec 2022 | News
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£6 billion bailout by the government which will cost every household £230 apparently.
But we’re skint aren’t we, got no money for wage rises or school meals?
The public don’t believe them any more when they say it can’t be done.


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this business of "we're not going to hedge, if anything goes wrong we'll take it out of the customers" should have been stomped on long ago. And "or we'll take it out of the government" isn't any better, since the customers are paying for that too.
But its a loan to smooth the transfer not a payment. It says so in your article and as to be repaid. The energy market isn't working proper but posting missleading claims is not going to help
bobinsomewherecalledwales always looks for reasons to justify everything the govt does. Always. I think he's TTT with another user name. End of.
So your denying its a loan 10cs...i want to see the end of the goverment but making false claims to worry people unnecessaryily is pointless
10 Clarion @ 09.03 Spot on . hahaha
@09.03.Same up here in Scotland,clarion.There are quite a few posters on here always looking for reasons to justify everything the SNP govt does.Some are so far up Sturgeons rear end only their jackboots are showing.
^Oh,theres one of them at 10.03.
Question Author
Someone is struggling again and cannot distinguish between a bailout and a payment, a word I didn’t even use.
Call it whatever you like, it’s a £6 billion tab being picked up by the taxpayer.
As others have implied, not a Tory but perpetually makes excuses for them?
And there's a bigger one @ 10.07 hahaha.
Same up here in Scotland,dave.The SNP mob who presently run Scotland seem to have millions of pounds to spend on pretendy referendums,but nothing to give to the Scottish NHS.Radstabs.
Watch that deep-fried Mars Bar doesnt get stuck in your throat,gulliver.....
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Another Light Bulb Moment For Joe Public?

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