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Explained here by Jeff for the politically challenged, concentration required;

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Jeff reads autocue worse than anyone I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Plus his video headline even has a question mark and exclamation mark in it, so he’s obviously unsure himself.
I think Ich is closer than most in that Labour will first get into power, THEN take a narrative of soundings from home and the EU over a 12-18 month period, after which they’ll have a referendum because it’s clear that Brexit in any form is unworkable and extremely bad for British business. The Tories know it but can’t and won’t admit it. Starmer will have no qualms about doing any of this because he won’t be as obstinate and jingoistic as Johnson and the Tories were.
Labour would like nothing more.
No one asked -me - and I don't know anyone who's changed their mind. The pollsters are selective I guess.
Question Author
They tend to avoid extremists and deniers, they’re looking for middle-of-the-road ordinary folk I guess?
Hmmm.... people who will make the right noises.
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Rats & Sinking ships:
The smart ones leave pronto, only the mentally-challenged ones would want to board.
Question Author
You are talking about Brexit, right?
No, HMS European Union.
Question Author
Ah right. I guess living in Germany though it’s difficult to make a comparison to the UK right now?
The economic outlook for the UK is dire, far bleaker than the rest of Europe….and the Europeans know it.

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^^^ Can someone blast this spammer please.
We seem to be Modless at the moment.

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Labour To Rejoin E U Says Shadow Minister

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