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What Are They Doing?

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nicebloke1 | 15:30 Sun 05th Mar 2023 | News
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I keep hearing on TV news that there are x millions of people that have not gone back to work, after the pandemic, ( I dont mean they are working from home) not working. So why have they not gone back?


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I can’t find anything to support that idea.
Before trying to find a reason we should be sure of our facts first.

I can find several old links about people off work due to the effects of long Covid
If there are people who for one reason or another haven’t gone back to work I doubt it’s in the millions
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I do wonder just how the media get hold of such numbers
Question Author
I do wonder just how the media get hold of such info. You cant just stop going to work for no reason.
Depending on the source, make them up?
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A lot of companies and small businesses folded, if their workforce were working in a low paid jobs n areas like catering and cleaning they may find it's not worth going back . Especially with all the additional help that has been made available, anyone in that situation might think the small amount they could earn above the benefit level isn't worth getting up for. Add in the long covid cases, and those who no longer work as they are now carers, and parents who have decided to continue home schooling you could build up a fair number. Not sure if it would be millions though.
Quite a few company's found staff working from home was a win-win.... the employee's like it as they can save commute costs and can fit work around care responsibilities and employers could save on expensive office space and could get more work done as employees could work when they would of been suck in traffic and dont spend so long in unproductive gossip sessions or pointless meetings where you sit there for an hour but only 5 minutes is revelant to you. I cant work from home but some of my friends and family do now, some everyday, some 3 or 4 day's aweek
Sorry, my mistake I missed you saying its not including working from home.
Depends what x is- if its one it seems to high, if its 5 million I just dont beleive it
In any case wfh is not a win/win. The employee has to pay for everything such as heating, Internet, they lose a room or more for their enployer, they lose the daily human contact. And that's just starters. It's an abuse of employees unless mutually agreed. And from recent experience a major downer for the public trying to get a company to do something, even answer a phone in good time.

Meanwhile, maybe many decided they didn't need to be judged in the rat-race and opted to retire early ?
Have you a link?
isnt it customary to leave a link?
Several of my friends were furloughed, and then made redundant.
In their early 60s, they took some of their pension to live un until the state pension kicks in.
Go on them.

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What Are They Doing?

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