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Mock Trial. 22March.

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gulliver1 | 09:50 Wed 15th Mar 2023 | News
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Will Boris be found guilty of mileading Parliament No .Because he did not .
.....He just told blatant lies. Will he be removed from office No because it would create a by-election that the Tories are guaranteed to lose.Will he walk away Smiling Yes... because The Privileges Committee who are investigating him has a TORY majority.....End of .


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Gully do NOT say Naomi is wrong: she will just delete you and say to herself - another problem solved !

un mimsy poster!

*** rhymes with row-locks by the way
Oh and b4 Naomi gets sick of me ( in her opinion)
tjis is not a mock trial Gully

I think they are hearing evidence - boris is NOT summoned - there are no charges, there is no jury or verdict
and the result is NOT enforceable in the courts ( Act of Settlement 1689)

otherwise yeah mock trial - you can have other venues of determination besides criminal courts you know

I really dont think this is suitable for AB you know

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Mock Trial. 22March.

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