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Could Prince Harry Have Made A Big Mistake With One Of His Admissions In Spare

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calmck | 22:58 Wed 22nd Mar 2023 | News
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By admitting his drug use has Prince Harry jepardised his US Immigration status. I cannot believe his publisher or any PR person did not inform him of the possible consequence of this admission. Many a "star" has fallen victim to the "have you taken drugs etc" on the visa application form. Because of who he is would he have been granted a visa regardless?


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// Because of who he is would he have been granted a visa regardless?//

One can only hope so. The last thing we want is him and his ghastly wife having to spend their time in the UK.
Like Shemima Begum, they'll come crawling back.
He could concoct a Johnsonesque defence claiming it was Coca Cola and not Peruvian marching powder that he was doing.

Stranger things. :-)
Yes. The Americans are touchy and they may look back at his drug testing.
i that what they ask you on the immigrant visa application? most people in their life have taken drugs (paracetamol etc) so it seems like a crappy question to me.
isnt it more to do with being arrested or convicted? or is that for a visa waiver?
"Remission. As with the alcohol remission, a 12-month period of no substance use or associated harmful behavior is considered full remission. A panel physician has discretion to determine a longer period. The practical significance of this is that immigrant visa applicants must wait the full 12 months, as there are no waivers available for this ground of ineligibility."
Do you honestly believe he is the only royal to have taken drugs? He's admitted it and will have to face the consequences.
Yes, he's definitely not thought about this before he wrote the book, had it checked, and then published it all over the place.
You honestly think that he and his family are going to be deported from the USA, given all the money he has?
I think his fame & wealth would trump any past "indiscretions" over drug use. USA aside having taken (illegal) drugs at some time in your life is no big deal IMV.

PS. As some US states have legalised cannabis (?) is that now still considered a no-no for would be immigrants?

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Could Prince Harry Have Made A Big Mistake With One Of His Admissions In Spare

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