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Jarring Ethnic Loading Reaches Egypt

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douglas9401 | 09:20 Thu 20th Apr 2023 | News
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You'd think someone would have asked rather than just crowbar in another inappropriate actor.


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Well isnt Egypt is in Africa?

It has, of course, all got out of hand. Re-writing of history is all the rage. In the future the historians will wonder why we started taking massive steps backwards with unnecessary division.
I have no idea of Cleo's skin colour. I'd have thought an individual from the Mediterranean area was unlikely to be a shade of Scandinavian white. But folk should cast, or use make-up, to make the actor/actress look as close as possible to the real individual being represented.
Supposedly she was Macedonian or more likely olive skinned.
Jada Pinkett Smith is referring to her as a "black queen", but there's a bit of a difference between black African and dark skinned Mediterranean.
what would the ubele initiative activist stafford scott say “resist the whitening of our history” i know he was referring to the uk, but this attitude is not exclusive to him, but also jada smith, thye speak of history whitening, what exactly does that mean erm famous brits in history were black? elizabeth I, Shakespeare, horatio nelson...what is there point? inclusivity..they were not there.
A lot of fuss about nothing.
Erasing the "Egyptian identity"?

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Jarring Ethnic Loading Reaches Egypt

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