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Fa Cup Final And Rail Strike

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mushroom25 | 18:09 Thu 27th Apr 2023 | News
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ASLEF announce 24hr strike on cup final day

since the final will be contested by the 2 top Manchester teams, is this the cue for the FA to move the final away from Wembley to a more sensible (and nearer to Manchester) venue?


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And what if Chelsea and Arsenal were in the final.?
Question Author
// And what if Chelsea and Arsenal were in the final.? //

but, they aren't?
but you said move the final, unless you mean for this one final you could end up with the same problem, and where is nearer to manchester that could hold 80k fans
No, are you suggesting that every year they play the final at a ground nearest the 2 teams? Think it through.
Oh well, I got it mushroom25 ...

One big problem is that Wembley's capacity is 90,000 whereas Old Trafford, the biggest Premier League ground, is only 74,310. Given that the tickets are already sold, I don't know how they'd deal with that difference in a way that anybody would want.

Another issue is that most Man Utd fans don't live anywhere near Manchester ...
No need. They put on a connecting bus service.
Not really.

No matter where you hold it, unless in Manchester itself, people would likely still want to go by train.
I am sure they'll get there.
The coach companies will be raking it in.
Even as we speak, every coach operator within striking distance of Manchester (which is quite a stretch for a coach) will be rubbing their hands with glee. They will make a tidy sum for a day’s hire, charging premium rates because of supply and demand. Whatever they charge, the bookings will come flooding in. National Express will lay on as many extras as they can. Who knows? Supporters may find it is more convenient (and certainly more reliable) to travel by road.

Meanwhile the unions continue to jeopardise their industry. The way to sort this out is for the government to close the network at the start of the next strike. It should reopen when the staff agree to return to work normally. It will concentrate the minds on both sides.

//Given that the tickets are already sold,...//

Are they? The two protagonists were only decided last weekend.
It would make sense,
But no one in Authority has any sense.

Wembley took a £1 Billion to build, so they have to fill it as much as possible for ever, to pay all the loans off.
Even if there were enough time to move the final to Manchester, would the strike not affect thousands of fans outwith Manchester who would normally have travelled by train?
Yes no matter what you do it will inconvenience people.
I think Manchester’s mayor Andy Burnham previously called for the semis to be moved from Wembley as an unrelated issue I believe. I think I’d agree
I would lock the strikers out until a resolution is found. Time to bang some heads together.
I'd have thought an event of this 'importance' would be on the telly.
Yes Douglas - I wouldn't go out to watch it if they were playing at the end of our street!
Ellipsis @ 18.27:

"Another issue is that most Man Utd fans don't live anywhere near Manchester ..."

That's very true because they are the best supported team in the world, so the vast majority of the fans live outside of Manchester. Makes sense.
I was in the south of India a few years ago and met two blokes who were ardent MU fans. As I was chatting to them it became clear that they did not know that Manchester was in England.
As a kid growing up the goal (yes sorry) was always A Wembley... final.
Whether or not 'British rail' were still getting there.

So to me yes the final should be played there but it still irks me that the semi's are too.
Awe Bless em'.
them there scouserers probably said Wales with there sharp wit.
NJ, that shows how popular the team is!

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Fa Cup Final And Rail Strike

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