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Palace Balcony - Terribly White?

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mushroom25 | 15:13 Sun 07th May 2023 | News
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since the only people on the balcony were members of the family, how could it have been otherwise? not sure what her point is - maybe that individual family members are to be criticised for not having non-whites in their dating pool?


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Indeed all white. Look what’s happening to the only non white member in the family ?
Can’t see what’s terrible about it. The family is white. Nothing wrong with that.
Publicity for new Bridgerton series maybe?
Anneasquith, the only non-white member of the family is the author of her own misfortunes.
^^What misfortune ?
It was a racist thing to say, but, of course, it was ‘acceptable’ racism.
Would we have been allowed to criticism the Obama family for being too black?
When does a person stop being 'white'? I know no-one who is 'white', fetching shades of pink that darken in the sun and I know lots of people with naturally darker skin that also darkens in the sun. Maybe Farrow and Ball need to produce a chart.
The 'non white' person who married a royal is at least 50% 'white' but it's not a box ticking fact.
Another facile racial comment that only inflames feelings. She and others should get a life.
Yes a chance of having a 43% black person on the balcony was missed
Oh dear. I must apologise. My family is all white. I actually did divert from all white in my dating pool but I didn't marry either of them. A terrible mistake.
I don’t know if Letsie III of Lesotho has a balcony or was coronated, but if he does and was and his family (presumably all black) was in the balcony and a white commenter said it was terribly black, you’d have heard the uproar on the moon.

I don’t see any difference.
I'm sorry but people like this really annoy me.
What was the point of her saying that?
I've no idea who she is, but already I don't like her for what she has said. Stupid woman.
Not stupid Barsel, just attention seeking and full of herself. Plenty of them about these days who utter rubbish like this.
perhaps they should have hired some Golliwogs from that battle cruiser last week! For Funks Sake!
How did I manage to post a blank answer?
Lottie, you have a rare talent :-)
Miss T - I thought your answer was 'terribly white'
So white it was see-through.

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