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What Happenned To No Coalitions?

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ToraToraTora | 22:27 Tue 09th May 2023 | News
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.....Looks like the a new "Lib Lab" pact is possible.


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Obviously they have an oven-ready proposal on the go.

You're a big fan of those aincha?
Of course it is.
They are politicians and will do anything to gain power.

Do you remember Dave and Gordon both repeatedly saying "I agree with Nick" at a TV debate?
No coalition with the SNP was always the pledge, mainly I think following the black from the Tories which haunted Ed Miliband.
No party on the other hand is ever going to say “we definitely WILL do a coalition with X”. Plainly it’s possible
I don't really see much difference between this and the coalition that Theresa May formed in 2017 with the DUP .... or the one that David Cameron formed in 2010 with the Lib Dems ??

Needs must ......
It may be that even such a coalition will not be sufficient for a majority. How many Lib Dem MPs are there currently? 14?
He's still saying no coalition with SNP. What's changed is that he's now clearly open to one with the libdems.
When there's no overall majority, a coalition/pact/arrangement is inevitable, otherwise nothing gets done.

If the Tories don't get an overall majority, I can't see them being part of any coalition, pact, or arrangement.
The libdems are on the rise, while the SNP will probably get a pasting next GE.
Theresa May wasn’t in a “coalition” with the DUP.

One reason you don’t say “yes” to coalitions or agreements in advance is because it takes two and even to say you “might” can have implications for the other party
Not so much saying yes but refusing to answer 11 times is as good as.

Wonder if he is trying to get the Lib-Dem votes over to him?
Who said ‘No Coalitions’?

If that is how people vote at the election then it is the practical way forward.
The Conservatives were the largest Party in a hung parliament in 2010 and did a coalition deal.
Looks very much like we are headed for another one. SNP might also join Lab/Lib.
Is this a quiz ? Oh oh I know.

No coalition has proved to be any use ?

That's it, isn't it.
The correct thing to do is what Starmer is doing now: only things out in the case of the SNP but prevaricate elsewhere. He shouldn’t have ruled out the LibDems in the first place
The problem with going into an election saying you will form a pact is that it appears like defeat before you even get going.

There probably is no right answer to it but conceding defeat at this early stage is odd. Of course Labour should be streets ahead of the current shower but they are not.
Wouldn't bother me how many parties shared power, if it means keeping "The Crooked Con Crony Party" out .
Can't wait to see them in the Benches Opposite.
It may have the opposite effect thou, Gulliver. Labour voters may not vote Labour if they think they may be partly giving power to the Lib Dems and vice versa.
Flip flop again from an untrustworthy shadow leader - what a disgrace that he keeps on seems to be one issue a day that he changes his position on.
"The problem with going into an election saying you will form a pact is that it appears like defeat before you even get going."

Glad someone gets it!
^Exactly. It hardly inspires confidence.

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What Happenned To No Coalitions?

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