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Why Didn't They Listen?

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drmorgans | 08:20 Wed 24th May 2023 | News
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I read this and wept.

Social workers often get a bad rap but it seems they tried to extend the length of the handover and test both parents for drug use, probably knowing they would return to their druggie lifestyle. Lack of face-to-face contact during lockdown and a pair of lying abusive druggies contributed to the murder.

The “guardian” seems most culpable (other than the lying abusive druggie parents, obviously) and the magistrates were following legal advice. I guess they would argue that a baby should be better off with their parents. We don’t hear of the situations where the child is returned and everything works out.


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I get really annoyed at the bad press social services and social workers get.
People seem to think they have the legal right to waltz in and remove a child from its parents willy nilly - they don't. They can only put a child in to the care system with the consent of the parents, a court order or a Police Protection Order.
They get damned if they do and damned if they don't. I can't understand anyone wanting to do that job in view of the lack of public support.
What annoys me about child care is that the NSPCC get all the plaudits while Social Services do all the work.

But this case is heartbreaking. I just don't understand how anyone could treat a defenceless child like this.
//I get really annoyed at the bad press social services and social workers get.//

The problem is there is a hard core of left handwringers that are the problem. Like many organisations though its the noisy minority that gat the bad press and bring it on the organisation as a whole.

In this particular case though I really dont understand how anyone in their right mind could think a couple of hardened druggies could look after a child in lockdown.

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Why Didn't They Listen?

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