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Nadine Dorries To Stand Down

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drmorgans | 16:11 Fri 09th Jun 2023 | News
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Dorries had said she would stand down at the next election, but is going with immediate effect, resulting in a by-election at her Mid-Beds constituency:


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A bit odd.
Earlier it was reported that her name had be removed from Boris Johnsons resignation honours list to avoid a by election.
Has she done this to get a Lords place, or is that still been curtailed ?
If I were her constituents, I would be very happy she has gone.
The plot thickens. She's playing a game.
If you watch the video in this thread I posted yesterday – you will see that Nadine Dorries is standing down in order to board the Lords gravy-train.
I think she's getting kicked upstairs isn't she?
It was reported this morning that her name had been removed from Boris’s list?
Good luck to her. She's been an excellent MP, said no-one.
Makes me sick to my stomach.
Good, but might Nadine have a secret that is about to be exposed ?
Perhaps some embarrassing WhatsApp messages are about to be released.
What a great day . !!!
// The staunch Johnson loyalist Nadine Dorries and Alok Sharma, president of the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow, were notably absent from the list. Reports suggested that officials had ordered that their mooted peerages were removed from the list to avoid byelections in their seats, but on Friday Dorries announced she was quitting anyway. //

I feel a bit sorry for Sunak. Heath and Thatcher were disgruntled former PMs who were quietly critical of their successors on the back benches.
Johnson seems to be going all out to completely sabotage Sunak, the Government and the Conservative Party.
All a bit twisted.
Hopefully someone is still running the country while all this infighting is going on.

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Nadine Dorries To Stand Down

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