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I am ashamed to say I had to google 'Moluccan'. I have never heard of the Maluka Islands. I know them as the Spice Islands, I really must catch up.
I didn't know that Trump had sold the Miss Universe brand to a transgendered person, either.
I have learned so much on AB today - and it's not even 8am :)
There's a lot more education coming your way Barry,,
The organisers should be ashamed of themselves for capitulating to this nonsense - and the space invader more so for having the brass neck to enter a women’s competition.
you ought to have seen Miss Friesan - she's a moovie star apparently -
Transgender contestants have been allowed since 2012.
Barry, that doesn’t make it right.
I didn't say it was but the winner is not surprising in light of the owner of the organisation.

Its just yet another attack on the now second class citizens known as women.
I can how it is wrong for transgendered people to be allowed to compete in women's sport but can't get bothered about something as frivolous as Miss Universe. I wonder how many contestants are as nature made them?
It’s one and the same, Barry. Women being trampled on - again. It matters.
barry: "Transgender contestants have been allowed since 2012. " - yeah but unless the judges are blind how can they win? They look like what they are, a geezer in a frock.
‘ Thai business mogul Anne Jakrajutatip, a trans activist who is also transgender, bought the Miss Universe Organization last year’

Well, what a coincidence.

If you read the article, you’ll come to the statement I c&p’d and suddenly, there’s the lightbulb moment.
I suspect she won because he was trans not despite of it in order to prove how inclusive and fashionable they are.
I pointed out that the new owner of the organisation is trans at 7.20 this morning.

I have always thought that fashion designers would prefer their models to be tall, slender 14 year old boys than the women who actually buy their clothes. Look at the top models especially during the 'heroin chic' and Twiggy eras. They claim the clothes hang better on women who are rangy with no real bust, waist or hips.
I don't understand how this empowers does the opposite.
I wonder how her fellow contestants view it?
its Mr Netherlands, not miss...
We have Mr Universe & Miss Universe so why cant they just create a Trans Universe?

Then everyone should be happy.

This men stomping over women has to stop. It is in effect misogynistic.

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