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Migrant Living Accomidation Overload

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fender62 | 19:09 Fri 14th Jul 2023 | News
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this is a question no has asked, what happens when all hotels are full, all ex military bases are full, and more illegals keep arriving, whats going to happen then, or will the powers that be say enough is enough frig legal obligations, and just deport and stop them in the channel with a no your not landing and we will not help, what a stand off, inevitable?


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NJ 20.26. Who suggested they live in Port Stanley? Not me.
But they arent working for my company frippo.They are living in a luxury hotel living a life of luxury at our expense when they could be working for my company and paying money into the country instead of taking out.
Don't you get it,they should not be here in the first place they are illegals,neither to be put up in hotels or work for your company or anyone else,ask your boss to sign a few local people on if you are short staffed.
No problems,frippo.Meanwhile my company is shortstaffed.The local luxury hotels are stuffed full of migrants who would like to work,but cant, and there are no signs of Rwanda Airlines outward bound anywhere near Aberdeen.
//NJ 20.26. Who suggested they live in Port Stanley? Not me.//


I mentioned PS to illustrate that the majority of the population of the Falklands live in that small town. There is no infrastructure to support large numbers of people elsewhere and no reason why any such infrastructure should be provided - even if it was feasible. The next largest settlement on the islands is the Mount Pleasant Complex, where about 300 people live. The remainder of the population are spread far and wide. It is simply a totally unsuitable place to resettle migrants.
//The local luxury hotels are stuffed full of migrants who would like to work,but cant,...//

Currently the UK is restricting work permits for unskilled and low paid workers. Any that do settle legally here have to meet strict criteria. Are you suggesting that those who have circumvented the proper channels and instead arrive on a rubber boat should be allowed to work, whilst many people who would like to work here but have been denied entry after making a proper application shouldnot?
@22.57.Yes i know what you mean NJ.It just seems a bit daft having a workforce here(who i cant see being removed anytime soon)and not getting them into a position where they could be paying into the system rather than taking out.
ynnafymmi,if that's what you think you might as well say our prisons are full of people who could work for you,as you put it a ready made workforce,just set them all free to work for ynnafmmiand co.
@23.20.Once they get out of prison they are more than welcome to join my company,frippo.But i would prefer the newly arrived migrants to be working for my company rather than our well known local recidivists to be honest with you.
They are not newly arrived migrants as you well know,they are illegal and should not even be here.
Yes,frippo.So here and now,how do you propose to deal with them?
// It was Labour's Blair's ambition to open the floodgates to allow immigrant's to have unrestricted access to this country. //

In terms of blame shifting, that is so desperate. Blair has been gone for 15 years. The situation now in 2023 is nothing at all to do with Blair or Labour, it is entirely down to this Conservative Government. Cameron and May both over promised on immigration numbers, but it has been the useless Tory Governments since them that has so hugely under delivered.
LOL, for how many centuries did the UK, plus some other nations, invade countries they considered unowned?

Colonisation and bringing Christianity to the heathens whilst stealing their natural wealth was probably thought of as a good thing, by some.

Possibly some still think that way.
BUT, when their own country gets overun by invaders?

Whinge and cry, sob, sob.
Lest we give our country away. The people should rise and demonstrate that they will not tolerate a governments betrayal of its citizens.
ynnafymmi,how would i deal with them now they are here,not by giving them a job.If i had my way they would not set foot on english soil but towed back into french waters.

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Migrant Living Accomidation Overload

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