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retrocop | 15:50 Mon 24th Jul 2023 | News
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Another ill thought plan to please the Greeny Meanies.. Having proposed to ban I.C.E vehicles in 2030 the government is well behind with the national roll out -plan for Chargers in their thousands. More importantly for those who don't want to swill and eat motorway fare all day The Xtra Fast chargers have been installed in Service areas to get people on their way. Tesla have installed 6 at a considerable cost. They are sitting idle because they will crash the National Grid along with the thousand so others waiting to be connected. Our National Power Grid just can't cope with the extra power surge and blackouts are expected to occur as a result. It is estimated it will need the power of 6 Hinkley Power plants to satisfy the loading of the Grid at a cost of £30 million. Can we really afford this white elephant. This country will be bankrupted and we will go back to the dark ages. Absolute madness to occur


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The linked article is not about the primary generation needs (that requires new power stations) but that the end substations and local wiring are not up to the job of powering everyone having their vehicle on charge.

Whilst the slow uptake of EV ownership might give time to build new substations and upgrade wiring – my bet is that there will be a limit on how much charge you will be able to put in your EV to avoid overload of your local substation/wiring.
The first sign of problems will be regular overload and tripping of substations, and how the distribution network operators resolve it.
'Whilst the slow uptake of EV ownership might give time to build new substations and upgrade wiring.....'

It's the fast uptake which they're scaremongering about. Something else you're not quite grasping.
We've no intention of buying a hugely expensive E.V. (which we couldn't afford anyway!) We'll continue to manage with 2nd hand normal cars (which we can just afford). Thanks, but 'No Thanks -
and they'll have to be a heck of a lot CHEAPER before we will be tempted. Besides, the batteries in a 2nd/3rd hand one will not last very long and then it will be useless because you can't repair it - unlike a normal engine. I honestly only know one person who has bought an E-vehicle and hasn't started complaining and worrying about it.

Neither mine nor Mrs zacs were hugely expensive.
What fast uptake, what with the cost and well publicised issues?

Without forced prohibition of ICE vehicles, there is no way 100% of vehicle sales would be EV by 2030.
The one in the link which reads 'some motorway service stations lack the appropriate infrastructure to cater for the growing demand from EVs'
Murder at the charger as moron thinks somebody jumped the queue/is taking too long/has a Muslim looking car, 2030 date pushed back to allow tempers to cool and politicians to sober the *** up.
I am seriously thinking of going electric. One of those electrickery mountain bike jobbies so that I can be a nuisance along the prom and on the pavements. Mobility scooters are getting quite nippy as well, just need one of Retros umbrellas with one, and a tow bar and trailer for the shopping. What with the new and exciting 20mph speed limits on cars due to kick in up here I can whizzz about with no identification plates insurance, or responsibility. As for the M5, 6, 62,54, or any other dual cabbageway I will stick with the very safe and reliable Honda petrol. No range anxiety there.
I bet Dave50 has never driven one. I wouldn't go back to petrol.
Can someone tell me...
I live in a high rise flat,
how am I supposed to charge a vehicle?
by the power of your mind nailedit?...
...but seriously as well as capacity those are the sorts of things that need addressing. How will people charge their cars when they have no driveway? Are we going to have cables all over the place? etc
And won't people suffocate over 26mph?
have a day off zacs. The national grid can only just cope with the kettles in the break in corrie. What's it going to do when there are 32 million cars charging? buses? trucks etc there are currently a tiny fraction of lecky cars compared to what there will be....and how will we solve the flats/no drive way issue? etc
There must be a lamppost outside Nails. You hook it up to that. Don't tell me they have all been turned off in Hanley to save the plankton.
A pipe dream, up there with replacing food with a couple of pills a day and personal jet packs.

Get one if it makes you happy but until they can put enough electricity in a container to revive a flat Tesla I'm out.
... then there's the problem driving to somewhere 100s of miles away. No way I'd want the agro of trying to find a charge point etc. I think it's coming but for now I'll stick with the jaaaag!
//There must be a lamppost outside Nails.//
Just been on Wilko's website.
They don't sell a cable extention to reach that far.
(And im only on the third floor)
And even if they did, it would be on double yellows,
so fu''''' either way.
All of that, plus having no money to spare.
//There would be an outcry if people were buying expensive battery run cars that can’t be recharged.//

I stopped at Pease Pottage last weekend. Saw the chargers all nicely wrapped up in polythene.

I also stopped at Rownham Services on the M27 last week. This is a busy pull-in just west of the junction with the M3, near Southampton. It wasn’t particularly busy – I have actually stopped there in the past and been unable to park and had to move on. This time the car park was probably about two-thirds full. There are three electric chargers with a total of four connections. One of the single chargers was out of order. About ten or twelve cars were queuing to use the other three points. This is on a major motorway in southern England.

I went in and had a coffee and when I returned to my car the queue had moved up by just two vehicles (I’d made a point of noting the vehicles in the queue). I was probably at about the limit of range from home if I had been in an EV and I had a further 80 miles or so to travel to my destination.

Of course there are more charging points in Westminster than there are the UK's eight largest cities (excluding London) combined. So I doubt many MPs see a problem.

And it's going to worsen because the rate of new charger installation is not keeping pace with the sale of EVs:

Luddite or not, it will be some time – if ever- before I venture into the EV market. And I haven't even touched on the country's ability to generate the required electricity. The grid is on the edge of its capacity at times as it is, so the lack of chargers probably won't present much of a problem.

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