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Child Killed By Motorcycle

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fender62 | 15:32 Sat 29th Jul 2023 | News
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iwhat a tragedy that could have been avoided, why is a 14yr old riding a motorcycle, and out on bail, the family must be devastated, the boy has to live with this forever accident or otherwise.


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You think the 14 year old cares one jot? Think again. He might be miffed because he's been caught but, f he hadn't been caught, he'd be doing it again at some point in the future.
I can't read the link because of my ad blocker, but I agree with bhg.
There are quite a few kids illegally riding these bikes illegally in public places round here. It drives me mad, especially when the parents shrug it off with comments like 'can't you remember what it was like when you were a lad' and 'where else are they supposed to ride them? they are just having fun'.

Now we have the situation where police are reluctant to chase them in case they have an accident trying to avoid arrest - often it is not them that gets hurt but somebody just going about their day.

A few years ago a group of these kids were 'having fun' at a very busy multi-lane roundabout, weaving in and out and around cars, causing very long tailbacks.

I don't know the answer. It is frightening and blerdy annoying.
I'm afraid I am inclined to agree with bhg. I doubt the little scrote has thought of anyone but himself.

Meanwhile the little girl's family are scarred for life. I honestly don't know how anyone could get over something like that.
Question Author
well if they are going to ride them anyway, perhaps designated places
obviously has to be countryside, urban and city areas obviously there is no where, but who buy a 14yr old a motorcycle in.. i assume an urban area, if some ilk killed my daughter or daughters or grandaughters they would stop breathing...yea just like that.
I wonder who took the bike?
And what type off lenient ‘sentence’ will he get? Suspended I expect.
Two bikes have been recovered by the police. I hope one of them will produce the evidence to secure a conviction.
Irresponsible kids and motorbikes are a lethal combination.
The family of the little girl must be going through hell.
Question Author
i remember my first motorcycle, and passing test etc, today the standard is very hard im told, but child riding a motorcycle it boggles my mind, they are so dangerous without training, i remember barry sheen and thought wow he's good, fast banking at speed.
There are quite a few legal scramble tracks and motox sites but of course they charge and the parent has to get the bike there.
There used to be a fabulous one about a mile or two of Birmingham city centre that focused on youngsters, I don't know if it is still there.

Providing designated sites comes with lots of problems - kids riding illegally to get there; liability issues in cases of accident; duty of care; cost of maintenance; noise and other nuisance.

I remember passing my test, too. Very few restrictions in those days, straight on to a 650 after passing my test.
Question Author
barry1010, it was then, i remember thinking is that it, remember getting i think it was a kwaker z1 900 that was fast and actually scared me at first, had a cb 350 before.
I thought the bikes I had were fast, fender, but when I had the opportunity to ride a new Suzuki 650 a few years ago it was totally different, much lighter, much more responsive, much faster. A different beast altogether.
Question Author
barry1010, thats true, i had a go on a honda fireblade 900 wooof
very respponsive as you say, was in germany on business and went down the autobahn..80 was the limit, but this bike was saying do it,
did i ermmm
Question Author
before anyone says terrible, 40yrs..riding and safety is of course no1
The trick of riding a bike on its back wheel is it hard to master?
fender //but child riding a motorcycle it boggles my mind, //
You may think of a 14 yr old as a child, but these days, some of them are taller than adults and they think they can do anything.
Ride bikes, drive cars etc.
Let's hope he has now learned a lesson.
R.I.P. little girl.
Question Author
sandyRoe, pop a wheelies crikey iwas doing that on an off road yamaha bet, and ramp jumps..
Can I just say how strange I find this post?
It's a serious post and yet Barry and Fender have turned it into a discussion about the bikes they've ridden and telling of the fun they had on them.
Quite right, Barsel.

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Child Killed By Motorcycle

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